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    Analyst Predicts Impressive Holiday Results for Apple

    AppleInsider reports today that Wall Street analyst Rob Cihra, from Evercore Partners, has today updated his projections for Apple’s quarterly earnings report, which is due to be announced on January 23. In his latest report, Cihra says that he thinks that Apple will report sales of 50 million iPhones for the holiday quarter, which would represent a 35% increase on the same period a year ago, and 86% growth from the previous quarter. As far as the iPad is concerned, Cihra says that he thinks that Apple sold 24 million iPads in the quarter, which would see a 56% growth year on year, and a 71% growth spurt from the previous quarter. Cihra makes particular note of the dynamic sales achievement of the iPad mini, which he says will have made up 10 million of Apple’s overall iPad sales figures. Cihra goes on to say that the iPad mini had a “booming launch”, and that Apple still cannot make them quick enough to satisfy customer demand.

    Source: 50M iPhone sales, 'booming' iPad mini expected in Apple's holiday quarter

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