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    Itís an Angry Birds Christmas With 30 Million Downloads!

    The Next Web reports today that this past Christmas period proved to be particularly successful for Rovio’s Angry Birds franchise, with the Finnish company announcing via Twitter that there were more than 30 million Angry Birds downloads over Christmas Week 2012, with a staggering 8 million of those being on Christmas Day itself, doubtless as lots of lucky people tried out the new smartphones and tablets that they had received as gifts. Using the typically humorous hashtag of #AngryNewYear, Rovio also tweeted a fun infographic which really pushed home the success of the Angry Birds franchise over the holiday period, putting it in context with some statistics from Flurry that there were 17.4 million new Android and iOS devices activated on Christmas Day, making that 1 Angry Birds download for every other new device. One thing that I really love about this infographic is the way in which even the birds are smiling for once!

    Source: Angry Birds Games Downloaded 30m Times Over Christmas, 8m Christmas Day

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