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    Are you thinking about paying for jailbreak and/or unlock?

    I see this question ALL the time, people are creating threads saying that a web site claims they have an unlock solution and jailbreak before dev team or geohot or any other Iphone "hackers" release their FREE tools. a web site you find on Google will claim they can unlock and jailbreak a firmware 2 seconds after its out on itunes, but the betas usually get jailbroken pretty quickly any way.

    These web sites that offer unlock/jailbreak and promise new firmware before these devs that offer free tools just so happen to use these free tools that have not released anything yet, you buy the app and they will tell you there is no jb or unlock for the firmware they claim does unlock and jailbreak and as soon as the devs release a free tool they will download it and claim its their own. so your paying for a free tool that was provided by these hard working devs. some dont care but why pay for something that is FREE? these thieves make tones of money from stealing others work.. in fact geohot was even offered 10 thousand dollars for an unlock so they could sell it on.

    if any one a friend or a random site found with your search engine says unlock/jailbreak for X amount of dollars/euros/pounds, my advise is stay away because its a SCAM
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    Great thread.

    Bottom line, do your own research. If everything you find says something is not possible but there is a website saying they can do this impossible thing for a fee, it is too good to be true.

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