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    well everyone sez the jailbreak is for much more than free apps, but for me its the apps lol! yeah you could just find out the carrier and switch to that and problem solved. if the seller sells lots of phone i doubt he keeps records of what networks the phones are on. sim cards are free why not strike now and go onto all the uk network websites and order a free sim so your covered for worst case scenario where you have to physically test each sim.

    The imei unlock is done remotley so once you find out what network its on all you have to do is phone them. no need to take it to a store as they will just take your order like a call center agent will. like i said it will probably take them a week or two to process your unlock order.
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    Quote Originally Posted by davegurn
    looks like you look for the good in people zig9449 lol
    Haha. I try. Only say that because when I was first introduced to jailbreaking my first iDevice. An iPod Touch 4G. The person knew of jailbreaking an iPhone 3G (not 3GS) and he knew about jailbreaking n everything but apparently since he had an iPhone that could always have an untethered jailbreak, he though any iDevice could be JB with just any redsn0w He obviously wasn't keeping up to date in the JB world. so he basically showed me that I can jailbreak....the rest I figured out myself.
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