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    iPhone 4 that has been reported lost/stolen, still work?

    Hi there!

    Basically i have acquired an iPhone 4 from some idiot who has decided to not pay his monthly contract and sell me the phone very cheap. Now i know the contract provider will put a block on the phone from making calls etc. i think using its 'killswitch' abilities i believe?

    But my question is, is there still a way to get the phone working again? (i.e make calls etc?)

    Thanks for all your help on this!

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    if its a sim card enabled phone, you could try unlocking the phone and using it on another carrier. If its a verizon phone(which I doubt this soon) your basically screwed unless you can get it flashed to another provider(again, which i doubt this soon after launch).

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    You purchased it yet its reported stolen?.... Sounds fishy to me!
    iPhone4 keeps me in touch with my woman. Whats more important? Nothing.
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    There's a reason why phones have these 'killswitches'. If it's been blocked by the network or apple it will be IMEI blocked.

    This means the only way to get it to work again is change the phones IMEI no. to one that isn't blocked. This requires a new motherboard at least...

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    sounds like a sweet new ipod touch with a 5mp camera and facetime

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