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    Help: need to restore but cant get SHSH blobs to work

    Hi, I have an iPhone 4S and it is on 5.01 and I am having TONS of issues with the phone all of a sudden that are truly unexplainable. I need to restore the phone but I can't seem to get the SHSH blobs from Cydia. It said they were backed up before but now there is no mention of that. I am using Tiny Umbrella which I thought would pull the blobs from Cydia's server but no luck there. I had backed them up manually with Tiny Umbrella a while ago but when I re-did my computer I did not back up that folder so they are gone. I wish they would automatically prompt you to email them to yourself. Well anyways what now? Why can't I get these from Cydia? Did they stop hosting them?

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    There is no way to utilize SHSH blobs for A5 devices yet, if you need to restore, you will have to update to 5.1
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