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Thread: Free cydia apps

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    Free cydia apps

    Is it legal to do whatever it is that let's you get all the cydia apps for free? If it is not illegal can someone tell me how to get all the cydia apps for free? Thanks!

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    It's not legal to get what is shareware app for free. The reason is simple and I believe you know it.
    Except that reason, those paid apps which end up cracked and free for users are coming with additional stuff, remember that nothing is really for free, so if you agree that they can get your perso info from your device then they agree to let you use a paid app for free by cracking it. You will see your iPhone misbehaving, battery diying because crack app is performing additional task in the background resulting of less battery life, phone crashing because cracked app files aren't well modified to feet in your iOS but well modified to get all info from your device. Phone rebooting non stop or file disappearing and that when you can say that you have a virus in your phone and in fact that the only way you can actually get virus in your phone, by downloading cracked apps. So no it's not legal to download cracked apps. There are a lot of free legal apps in cydia, also some are paid and not expensive compare to what they can do. Pay for the app you need by saying thanks to the developer of the app and say no to spying and virus cracked apps.

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    I think bab has covered it well enough...

    *Thread closed*

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