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    Continuous boot loop/Restore problem with iPhone 4

    Hi I have done a good bit of reading and have not yet found a fix for the problem I am having with continuous boot loop. Some history: I got this iPhone 4 last night and it was in fine working order with no jailbreak. I restored it then used limera1n to jailbreak it. Got it all set up and it was all working just fine. I was having sim card issues but had a bright idea this morning that led me to try and restore the phone re-activate and then jailbreak again. Well I never got past the restore...I was going to restore it from the phone and went to restore all setting-(or something to that effect---the one that wipes it all out) Things got hung up so I put it in DFU mode and hooked it up to iTunes. So my problem now is that I can put it in DFU mode and iTunes will see it and say it detects iphone in recovery needs to restore...I say yes...iTunes goes thru and downloads the software. After which it says need to restore...I say yes and it just downloads won't actually do the recover! I have done this now 6 times with downloading software to restore etc. I have used luck. So I am either stuck in boot loop (white apple) or if I force iTunes to se3e it in won't restore...stuck in download software loop. I have to get off this round-a-bout! Any help or direction is appreciated. EDIT***I think I might have fixed it...I totally wasn't thinking about hitting shift when i hit restore...DOH! Now I feel like an idiot
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    Try this tutorial doesn't sound like your in dfu mode. When you are iTunes will say detected an iPhone in dfu mode. Here is iClarified's tutorial.

    iClarified - iPhone - How to Put an iPhone Into DFU Mode
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    ahh I had this problem the other day. There is a linky here to a Recboot v1.2 in one of my threads from the other day. Install it. Once your phone in recovery mode, simply run this program and select kick it out of recovery option. It should do the trick.

    which recboot have you tried v1.2?

    Here is the problem that I had, something went nuts in my user setting, so try it on another PC if you have another computer, or you can simply create another user on you current PC, then download the itunes, and it should fix the problem, well at least it fixed mine.

    one more thing, sometimes it will remain in restore mode while it is plugged in, so once in a while disconnect it from your USB after a restore, or after the recboot kick

    Also, keep your sim card in the pone when you are doing all that stuff that your doing
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    If you are having a hard time getting DFU mode you should download Greenpoisson and fallow the steps to be in DFU mode!!!! Dont clic on the jailbreak button if you get DFU, just hit the restore button in itune!

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