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    transfering contacts to an iphone 4 from Kies

    Hi guys and gals

    I have a friend of a friend I'm trying to help out.

    They have purchased an iphone4 and had a samsung, They have managed to get the contacts from the samsung on to their pc and they are in a kies file but now can't get them from there to itunes or the iphone.

    We are all stumped and all a but technophobic so any help we be good thanks is advance.

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    There are two ways and I have no idea what a kies file is. One is to create CSV files and then it will give you instructions on how to load them. You would do that with GMail contacts. The other is to take both phones to a Verizon store where they have a machine that will do it.

    If you haven't already changed the phones use the Verizon Backup on the Samsung. It failed horribly for me but maybe you will have better luck. That's if you have Verizon, I forget everyone has different carriers.
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    Not a directly way. Export contacts to csv or vcard and then import into a gmail account first. Then run iTunes to sync contacts from gmail.

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