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    Angry Music Not Syncing - help!

    I have the 5 and ever since the upgrade to ios 7 I have had issues with syncing my music. I have a large music collection (7000+ songs)so this is a large part of why I picked up the iphone in the first place. For the last year since I purchased the phone, I have had no issues. Once I upgraded to the operating system and iTunes update, it has been downhill from there. Even my 4th gen ipod touch is having issues and it has been trouble free since I bought it ages ago. My problem is this...if I try to sync through iTunes, my music does not sync at all or only a portion syncs. Currently I am missing about 600 songs for some idea why. I have read several of the forums and have tried restoring the phone, rebooting, checking an unchecking the manage my music manually and finally authorizing and de-authorizing my computer. None of these has helped even with the new updates. It seems to get worse rather than better. I am convinced that this is an operating system and iTunes issue. Am I the only one in this forum that is having issues??? I become more and more frustrated by the fact that there are no answers. I should not have to restore my stupid phone in order to sync it every time. I am quickly reaching the end of my rope with this company and operating system. Does anyone have any suggestions??? I am on a Windows 8 PC with a iphone 5 and the latest update. This is probably just a waste of time too but thought I would give it one last try...

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    Have you checked the only sync ticked songs option on itunes on the your phone tab, in itunes music tab under the by songs tab look to see if all the songs u have are tick on the ones that are not synking,
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    Allow the device to do the initial auto backup and sync when you plug the device in so your apps are transferred over (this is not an actual backup) to iTunes, then try transferring your music again.
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