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    Many apps icons missing

    I just upgraded to iPhone 4S. To my horror, after much work done to sync the new phone, many apps icons went missing.

    The only way I can access these apps now, is to swipe to the left and conduct a search. This is highly inefficient and a waste of time.

    These apps are actually installed on the phone but they became phantoms because their icons are missing.

    They are not listed in the list of apps in "Settings", the Apps Store shows that they are installed. I can't delete these apps and re-install them as I can't even find the icons.

    Does anyone has similar experience? Could anyone suggest solutions? Thank you.

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    icons are missing - Google Search

    Start here ^

    Welcome, too! Love your name, btw.

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    Yes! Google can be a great friend!

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    When you sync your iphone with itunes untick the apps to sync and it will uninstall them then try reinstalling them and let us know what has happened
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    Hi, whykid. Welcome to the forum.

    I merged the two threads you made about this topic. You only need one thread running (it would have been difficult to keep the same topic going in two different places).

    I can't say anything about your problem that the others already haven't said. Good luck and I hope you find the answers helpful.

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