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    iPhone rook here, help!!

    I'm entering the game late I know, lol. My kids have all the cool phones, and now I finally have something atleast decent.

    So, my kid uploaded itunes on my log-in, on my computer. That phone, password, user id, etc.. for that iphone is long gone. Now they have current itunes uploaded on the other user accounts too. Now that I want to load itunes so I can get this phone I have going, I have to somehow ditch the itunes on my user account right? Do I just uninstall itunes (administrator), or will this effect the itunes for all users on this computer?

    Thanks for the help, appreciated,

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    I am a little confused, but no - you can log out of iTunes and sign back in with your account and password (your iTunes login for your phone) and you should be good to go.


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