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    Exclamation How do I know my Iphone 4 is Jailbroken or not?

    A few weeks back I updated my firmware to 4.3.3 and after it downloaded, my iphone screen said "your iphone is now unlocked". I just thought it meant that the phone was unlocked in that i can put any network sim in.

    Yesterday, I bought apps worth over 5 and I barely have 1 in my bank account that is connected to my Apple ID which means I actually dont have the money to pay for it. They have all downloaded fine, and are working. Will I get billed later for these or is my iphone actually jailbroken? :S

    Please Help!

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    When you update your phone you automatically loose your jailbreak. If iTunes says your phone is unlocked then it must of been ulocked by your network. Or did you mean activated?

    Jailbreaking doesn't give you automatic access to free apps. Please don't discuss that here as it's piracy. You will get billed at a later date for the apps you purchased...

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    apple charges you and if your bank authorised it or your credit card it means you will be over drawn so make sure you go put $ in the bank to avoid any charges from your card.

    if your jailbroken you would have cydia on your desktop but even if jailbroken it would not allow you to download app store apps with no money from the app store so thats not it.

    i had the same happen to me and my card charged me $15 extra for going over drawn and as a courtesy to me so i would not get declined so they said
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