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    custom ringtones on verizon iphone

    hey all, another new guy here

    so far all i need help with is loading custom ringtones on my verizon iphone, the ones i have made i loaded them in itunes and synked them to the iphone, after checking the phone there was only one in the phone out of the six. i then tried to load them manualy in to itunes and in to the iphone and i can see the ringtones going in to the iphone but, one ringtone over rides the other and in the end, still only one custom ringtone in the iphone.

    I had an att iphone prior to verizon and i had no issues with loading music or custom ringtones.

    can anyone help?

    if there's a section on custom ringtones for the verizon iphone in this site please point me to it.

    thank you

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    Hey and welcome

    i just move the thread to the general iPhone 4 help section, as we dont have a dedicated section for ringtones! But we will have it soon, ill talk to our admin

    iPhone 4 Help - iPhone Forum

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    I've seen this problem in the past with iPhones before verzion ever had them so it's not because you have a verzion iPhone. I've got 3 on my iPhone at the moment.

    Use the search function I'm sure your find a couple of threads similar to this one. I don't remember how/if anyone solved it however...

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