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    Wallpaper Problem

    I was able to edit and change the wallpaper.
    I set one (surf) for my home paper background and one (photo of me) for my lock screen.
    I did this for both my iPod3 and iPhone 4S.

    Both had the same problem, at first, the iPhone 4S had the new wallpaper I wanted, but it did not have the new lock screen I wanted. I synced, turned on and off, it did not matter. Suddenly out of the blue, it came up.

    My iPod now has the same problem. The home screen has the wallpaper I want, but the lock screen does not. When I go to settings, wallpaper, and preview, for some reason it does show on the preview the correct wallpaper for the home screen and lock screen.
    So why is it that the lock screen in actuality still does not have the updated wallpaper?

    Anybody know a solution?

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    Just try hard resetting. Hold sleep button and home button for 10 seconds until you see the apple logo
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    I want to remove my wallpaper
    Can anyone advice!


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