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Thread: SMS Backup

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    Where do I go to enable hidden files if I am a Mac user?


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    Quote Originally Posted by tntlassiter
    Hello everyone. I am come here recently from a Droid X that unexpectedly died on me. I am getting used to the iPhone although I have noticed it is not as customizable as the Droid without jailbreaking (which I am considering). One thing that I miss and do need is someway to backup my text messages. I have an ex that is really not nice and a pain and I have backed up all my texts (sent and received) for the past 1.5 years in case they would be needed/helpful in legal proceedings. I am looking for something similar to this for the iPhone but I am so new that I don't know if anything like this exist. Any help would be appreciated.
    If you jailbreak...and install biteSMS then biteSMS has a "copy to clipboard" feature inside each conversation tab.

    You can copy..paste it into an email or something...then save all of then in a designated folder or something.
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