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    Unhappy My iphone 4s is sharing contacts with my other iphone on my family plan.

    someone please let me know why these phones are sharing information. i have all the contacts on my wifes phone and she has mine. i'm not sure what we did but i would surely like to remedy the problem. i figured i could just delete the contacts of her's that i didnt want from my phone but it deleted the contacts from her phone as well..

    someone please help!?!?!?!?

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    you are probably using the same icloud account for both phones. I believe you would have to create a seperate account for each phone if you dont want them to share. The whole point of icloud is to have everything available on all your devices, example you have an Iphone and I pad, and want to use all the same things on each.
    This is how i have set up my wifes phone and mine, with seperate accounts on itunes and I cloud, and it does not share info, even we are on a family plan.

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    If they're both pulling the same info from iCloud, you can turn off contact sharing within iCloud. Just go to settings>iCloud>contacts, and turn it off. It shouldn't share contacts anymore once turned off. If there's any other info you don't want the phones to share, you can also turn it off in the iCloud settings

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