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    iPhone 4s keyboard sound volume randomly changes

    The clicking sound on the iPhone when typing or puting the phone to sleep randomly changes volume. Sometimes it's really loud then other times it's barely there. Is this normal am I triggering te volume change somehow? And no I'm not covering the speaker at all.

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    Ha ha. Thought I noticed that a couple times too! Anxious to hear about others' experiences.

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    I got this problem too, any news?

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    I have a similar experiance with my 3GS, however mine was the result of texting with my iphone in the widescreen position and my hands covering the speaker on the bottom of the phone.
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    Iphone4 s keyboard click sound

    I have called apple tech about this issue because my iPhone was doing the same thing! It finally just got loud and
    wouldn't go back to normal. Unfortunately apple doesn't know why this happens they say that it should adjust to
    Ringer and alert sounds but we all know it doesn't! One way to check is to make sure the speak auto txt is off.. If it is
    like mine was next option is to reset all settings!! (general>reset>reset all settings) it will turn off your iPhone and
    start back like when you turned it on for first time. It doesn't delete anything off your phone!!! Just changes your
    background. Anyways for now the keyboard click sound is back to normal! We will see how long that last.

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