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    Cost of adding a second smartphone to Verizon family plan

    Hi. Just bought a new iPhone 4 and am very impressed. I have the option, apparently, of changing my plan to a family plan. I don't have a second Verizon phone. My question is this. If I do change to a family plan, can I buy a second iPhone 4 at the $199 price and add it to the plan, or does it cost more since I won't be signing up for a whole new two year plan?

    I would probably stick with iPhone, but I was looking at other smartphones today at Best Buy. There were priced around $500 or so, or $250 or so with a two year plan. If I have a Verizon family plan in place, am I correct that I'd have to pay that rather high $500-$600 price for it?

    In other words, what is the cheapest Verizon smartphone (or maybe even standard phone) to buy to add to my family plan? Thanks.

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    We have a plan like that. I have an iPhone but my wife is still using an older basic phone from several years ago and is eligible for an upgrade. I just went in to the Verizon website and checked to see how much it would be for her to upgrade to an iPhone. It's $199 for the 16GB, $299 for 32GB. That's $50 more than it was when I purchased my iPhone because Verizon has dropped their $50 discount/new every two program.

    However, my guess would be that if you make the upgrade at that price you would have to commit to a new two year plan starting from the date of the upgrade. I can't be sure because obviously I didn't follow through with the upgrade.

    The people to talk to about this is Verizon. I'm sure they'd be happy to answer your questions.

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    I have a family plan with AT&T and the way it works for me is when I add a line To my plan, that new line is eligible for the $199 16GB or $299 for 32GB iphone4. Each line has their own two year contract. I'm pretty sure it works the same way for Verizon. Just inquire at your local Verizon store.

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