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    App to silent iphone for length of time?

    Looking for a iphone app like I had on my treo. You could select to silent your phone for a length of time (30,60 ,90 minutes). So if you set it for 60 minutes. Then, if a call or sms came in during the next 60 minutes, the phone would vibrate. After the 60 minutes elapsed, the phone would automatically resort back to normal ringing.

    I loved the app because I always remember to silent my phone, but I never remember to switch the ringer back on and then I end up missing calls. If I went to church or a class, I could just put it on vibrate for the next 90 minutes and know the ringer would autimatically come back if I forgot about it.

    Does any thing like this exist for the Iphone?

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    there is no such an application in the app store. To get that thing you want, you will need to jailbreak first.

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