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    Looking for an app...

    I am new to this forum, have an iphone 4 running iOS 5.0.1, and need some input from the iphone community in regards to an app that I'm looking for.
    If anyone has any suggestions I'd appreciate it. If I'm posting in the wrong place, I apologize.

    Many times I take pictures of schedules, reciepts, or itinerary and send it via mms or e-mail to my daughter @college. Often I'd like to "highlight" specific info on the picture, but the apps that let me do this only offer this feature on a PDF file. (I already have goodreader) I have the app Labelbox which would be great in this instance, (I can place labels anywhere on a photo) however, none of the labels they provide are transparent/flourescent. Drawing apps are messy and don't provide the kind of coverage I need for neat highlighting of specific words or sentences. In short, does anyone know of an app that will let me place transparent labels on specific places on a photo? (Being able to change the width or length would also be an added bonus)

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    I am also new here

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    How does the iPhone 4 work w that operating system I'm going to back up than upgrade I guess
    I'd rather apple upgrade

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    Try photoshop express, My collegue recommended it!


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