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Thread: disaster

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    I was going to transfer some pictures from my mac to my iphone 5 yesterday an walked into disaster.
    1. everything in my calendar was erased present contact are gone but the old ones are back(this I can understand)
    3.My voicemails are gone present text messages are gone but the ones from 6 months ago (which were on my old phone)appeared which is absolutely crazy
    I did not ask for old backup which might explain this.I also have no previous backups from this phone that i could pull up.All I remember doing was pressing button where it asked me was it a new phone.
    Went to the apple store to see what they think. They were confused about text message thing and they want me to drag my computer in there.
    Any ideas???

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    Do you have a newer backup of your iP5 that you can restore to? Sounds like you've restored your iPhone to an older backup... from a previous iPhone perhaps.


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