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    Voicemail Volume too Low


    I just got my new iPhone 4S two weeks ago.
    I love everything about it except one thing.
    When I listen to a voice mail, the volume is so low, and I can't hear it unless I put it on speaker.

    I have the phone volume turned up to max.
    I have double clicked the Home button, slid all the way to the right, and turned up that setting also.
    I don't have a case on the phone.
    I don't have a protective cover.

    As a work around I have been putting it on speaker, and reducing the volume.
    But if I put it up to my ear then, for some privacy, Siri comes on and interrupts the voice mail.

    My question is, Is this typical or should I take the phone back to Verizon where I bought it?


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    If you have turned up the volume while the actual voice mail is playing on the ear piece with no effect, then it is time for a trip to VZW to see what they can do to fix it.
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    Ok, Thanks Skull.
    I wanted to be sure I wasn't missing some other setting before bringing it back.
    I'll take it in today.


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