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    Iphone 4S wont save pictures to camera roll

    Guys please help!
    I restored my Iphone 4s from a backup from a previous iphone 4, everything is working fine, but the camera. pictures are not being saved!
    I searched the web and tried any menthos, including deleting 3 files from PhotoData..and etc. I dont want to set it up as a new phone as i will lose all my sms ( more thab 1000!! )...Has anyone had this ? Does anyone have a solution??

    Thanks alot!!

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    Restoring and setting up as a new iPhone is pretty much your only opion
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    igalku... i encountered the same problem but I was restoring after an ios upgrade to 5.1.1. This is rather late but I solved this after about 4 days...

    Problem: After restore, pictures taken aren't saved on the camera roll and screen caps also do not save to camera roll.
    Steps taken:
    1. Jailbreak device (I jailbroke this only for the purpose of making edits onto the file system. If you can do this without jailbreaking, then you can do so. I think you can use iFunbox. If you do jailbreak, you can install iFile from Cydia
    2. Launch iFile and browse to \var\mobile\media\photodata\MISC and open DCIM_APPLE.plist
    3. Look for the line: DCIMLastDirectoryNumber. Underneath it should read "<integer>10?</integer>" where ? could be 0, 1, 2, etc. In my case it was 2 or read as "102"
    4. Then still using iFile, browse to \var\mobile\media\DCIM\. Inside this folder I had 100APPLE. I just pressed the right arrow to edit it and changed the name to 102APPLE. I did this to follow the "102" indicated in step 3 above.
    5. Went back to my camera app, and started shooting. It worked!

    I don't know if this works for you but it sure did for me. Good luck.

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