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    European, unlocked iphone 4S in the US - best service provider...

    My wife has a client in Germany who sent her an unlocked iphone 4s as a gift. She's excited and wants to use it, but is lost when it comes to where to go for activation. Obviously she doesn't want to pay a lot of money, but she also wants a good international plan. It seems there are various limitations, too. For example, T-Mobile seems to be unable to provide faster than 2G speed for iphones. Is that true?

    I would love to hear from people who are using their iphones with providers OTHER than ATT, Verizon or Sprint (of course other use their network, but often have better deals), who are really happy with that service and would recommend. I'm happy with my Android phone, so I can't really help her much.


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    wow good ... i really appreacitate this

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    I have a European unlocked 4S and use Straight Talk when in the U.S. $45 per month unlimited everything. They sell micro sims for $14.99 and use AT&T's network. They also have an international plan but I don't use that.

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