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    Exclamation Editing pictures

    I was in the middle of editing a photo, and I am stuck in the editing process and can NOT go back to the thumbnails or move on to another picture. I believe I chose to crop the photo, the options I have are to choose photo sizes and then choose "Constrain" and I chose a size and then constrain and nothing happened... Also, can you save pictures in files, without them being on your camera roll if someone texted you pictures? Or lock the picture? I do not like them all being in my "Camera Roll"

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    I have a new iTouch v.5.1 and encountered the same problem. The photo editor hung (got stuck) in the constrain crop process. I got lucky: simultaneously press/hold <home> button and <power> button for about 1 second and then release at the same time. The screen flares white for about 1/2 second and the main edit icons magically appear at the bottom of the screen. Like I said, I got lucky after trying every screen poke/drag I could think of.


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