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    Thumbs up [GUIDE] Random Internet Not Working iOS5 iPhone 4/4S

    Right so i have seen a few posts on here about people reporting the problem that the internet on your iPhone 4/4S has stopped working for prolonged periods of time.

    I was also suffering with this problem and the only remedy that i could find was like what people on here suggested turning the iPhone off and back on again but that takes alot of time so i thought i would have a play with some settings when my internet wouldn't work and i stumbled upon a very quick and simple solution that only takes 5-10 seconds.......

    So here we go..............
    • Step 1 touch Settings
    Name:  IMG_0363.jpg
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Size:  14.9 KB
    • Step 2 touch General
    Name:  IMG_0362.jpg
Views: 1278
Size:  11.7 KB
    • Step 3 touch Network
    Name:  IMG_0361.jpg
Views: 1284
Size:  10.2 KB
    • Step 4 touch Mobile Data
    Name:  IMG_0358.jpg
Views: 1289
Size:  12.1 KB
    • Step 5 touch Mobile Data again
    Name:  IMG_0359.jpg
Views: 1283
Size:  9.2 KB
    • Step 6 All Done ​enjoy the internet again
    So that's it it's really fast and is the easiest fix i can think of and you don't need to turn your phone off

    Hope this help's someone

    iPhone 4S 5.1 beta 2

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    This shouldn't be necessary. But I have the same problem on one of my phones also. I will give this a try next time my Internet goes out.
    2x iPhone 4S. 16GB. 1x iPad3 64GB. 1x iPad2 16GB

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