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    (iOS 3.0.0 / 3GS) Jailbreaking stuck on following.....

    1. USB Communication Problem (For redsn0w 0.9.9.XX)
    Description: This error happened when I tried to start the jailbreaking attempt (HOLD PWR+HOME 10 secs, HOME 10 secs), Loading.... and BUMP "USB Communication Problem" appeared.
    2. Waiting device for reboot (For redsnow 0.9.6.XX)
    This error happened when I tried to wait for the jailbreaking process, literally just wait redsn0w to do its special job, Once the sentence "Waiting device for reboot" appeared, there will be no other way to wait it until finish neither using hard reboot the iphone.
    3. Can't restore specific IPSW
    Since my iphone 3GS is fresh restored from iTunes with iOS (3.0.0) installed on it. I will need to install it using custom IPSW that I downloaded from web, else, I would stuck on Emergency Call screen forever. So, I tried the custom restore method. Connected iphone with my PC, I set it DFU Mode (I have to do this, else I will get stuck and only show the "SIM blabbers" on the iTunes screen. I don't have any compatible SIM card right now, the only option when I am in normal mode is "Eject" option. Once I got in the DFU mode, iTunes starting recognize my iphone device booting in DFU mode and there are 2 Options showed. (one) is Update option [this option is locked somehow], (two) is Restore. To install a specific version I have to use (SHIFT + Left click "Restore) Option to choose the IPSW I downloaded. But, when I chose the IPSW I want, it shows me this message "The firmware file is not compatible".

    Those are the problem I have right now. For that reason I can't proceed to any kind of method to surpass the system. If someone know how to fix this, I will glad to have the answer. Thank you

    My systems information:
    PC: Windows 7
    Files stored:
    redsn0w-win_0.9.4 (The worst, can't even detect recovery mode)
    My device: iPhone 3GS
    My firmware: 3.0.0 (fresh restored from itunes setting)
    My baseband: 4.26.08
    SHSH: not available
    Bootroom number is: XXXXXX[IBOOT-596.24] (so, It's the new one)

    If you need more information, please tell me.

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    Any hints? Please. I will pay $50 for it.....

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    Owh, nevermind... I solved it.
    I used the wrong firmware file. Since it wasn't my iphone, I though it was 3GS but it wasn't, It was 3G(no S)....

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