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    Bluetooth pairing problem with IOS 5

    I have an old Motorola H700 bluetooth headset that worked fine on IOS 4.X, but it is not working correctly on IOS 5. The button works to activate voice control, but the audio on voice control doesn't use the headset.

    Am I the only one having problems with this?

    Is it only the Motorola H700, perhaps because it's got older firmware?

    Any suggestions for a new bluetooth headset--not too expensive?

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    Thumbs down Bluetooth, other issues with IOS 5 upgrade

    I have a first gen iPhone 4. When they first came out, it took me four different phones along with Apple doing numerous software upgrades to get a phone that functioned reliably (for the most part) for the better part of the last year. I was initially plagued with the same drop call syndrome that others were experiencing, but being a total Bluetooth headset user (Plantronics Discovery 975), I had problem after problem with connectivity, clarity and consistency. Seems Apple was finally able to stabilize the OS after a while and my Bluetooth worked pretty solid, including being able to move up to 30 feet away before it would distort and drop.

    Now, after upgrading (foolishly) to the new iOS 5, all of my original Bluetooth issues are back. I can lay the phone on my chest or shoulder closet to the headset and the people I am talking to frequently cannot understand me as they hear static and distortion on their end. Even with the headset less than a foot from the phone, I can totally lose connectivity in mid sentence. These issues are the exact same ones I had with the initial iPhone 4 release.

    I have also lost a third of my downloaded ringtones even though they are on my iTunes and play there perfectly. I cannot get them to upload so I have lost dozens of personalized ringtones, alarms, and other customized alerts..very frustrating and makes no sense to me.

    I also have the battery drain problem, and my phone blacks out in various programs causing them to re-boot, some websites, links, etc. will not work at all or need multiple attempts to successfully access.

    My phone has also bricked 3 times.....

    All in all, really wish I had not updated to iOS 5. I should know better by now and wait for all the bugs to be worked out. I seriously recommend that anyone who has not updated to iOS 5, DO NOT UPDGRADE!!!! Wait, be patient, and hopefully Apple steps up and gets this all corrected ASAP.

    So I'm curious if others are sharing the same frustrations......

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