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    Does iCloud let you store ALL your photos/vid/docs/etc? Do they stay?

    I do not yet have an iPhone, and nor Lion. (I plan to install Lion this weekend) So I do not know anything other then what I read about iCloud and it is not clear to me. If I at some point receive the iPhone 4s that I ordered and I go out shooting lots of pictures/vids will they all automatically go to iCloud, and stay there? I saw one place that said after 1000 photos old photos get removed, another place that said that photos older then 30 days are removed, and a third place that said if you use a PC they stay forever. What about documents and other kinds of files?

    I aslo think I read that contacts, mail, and calendar are stored in it, are they ever deleted?

    I guess what I am trying to get at, is with iCloud will I still need to sync to my Mac to back up all pictures, videos, docs, and etc or will iCloud just take care of that for me? Thanks!
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    If you use iCloud as your backup tool, then yes everything goes there and stays there for as long as you need.

    Now for the Photo Stream. That is a separate system and is designed for 2 or more devices to sync to your last 30 days or 1000 pictures (which ever comes first for rotation). Which means if you aren't using at least 2 iOS devices or an iOS device and a PC, then you technically don't need to have it on.
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