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by PhilSynowiec at Jun 26, 2010
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YouTube user pdye723 has posted a video testing the signal loss due to the way you hold the iPhone 4. Earlier this week, Steve Jobs suggested to the people experiencing the signal loss, to either hold the device differently or buy a case:

Well after watching this video(and many...
by PhilSynowiec at Jun 26, 2010
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Looking to play some iOS 4 Tested games?

As a part of Free App A Day, Super KO Boxing 2 makes it's way onto the App Store for free TODAY ONLY! Super KO is a great, arcade-style, boxing game. It will definitely keep you entertained for a bit.

What do you really have to lose(but bandwidth) by downloading this game. You never know, you might have a friend who wants to check it out if its not for you. Also, its always great to build up your iTunes games library with a, regularly priced, game.


Be sure to check it out!

Super KO Boxing 2 - Free:...
by PhilSynowiec at Jun 26, 2010
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After a meeting with employees, not only did Verizon Wireless announce that they will be now known as just "Verizon", but they also announce that they are not interested in the iPhone 4. Verizon is saying that they are fully backing up their new Droid line and putting off the iPhone 4 for now. This must be because of the August release of the Droid 2.

And there you have it, right out of the horse's(Verizon) mouth! Sorry for all of you disappointed, no Verizon iPhone 4 for now.

by PhilSynowiec at Jun 26, 2010
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Even since I bought my iPhone 4, I've been looking for Apps and Games that run smoothly on it and iOS 4.

Words With Friends, by Newtoy Inc., is a Scrabble-like game that lets you play online against your friends or a random person from around the world. The game just looks great on my Retina display and runs very smoothly.

The game is almost exactly like Scrabble, you get an amount of letter that have a different amount of points each, and you receive a total score depending on the combination you use. You place them on the board a little like a crossword puzzle because you have to attach the letters you use, to the letters already on the board....
by Maura at Jun 26, 2010
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Apple Insider is reporting that the “Death Grip” antenna problem may be down to a software issue, and that a software fix, iOS 4.0.1, could be on the way as early as this coming Monday. Apple Insider says that many of their readers have reported to them that Apple’s tech support forums confirmed this news, only to have it then mysteriously swept off the board, along with any other discussion threads on the subject. Here’s Apple Insider’s explanation of the technical issue at the core of the matter:

by PhilSynowiec at Jun 25, 2010
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Apple has set up a service line where you can call 1-888-FACETIME to check out the feature! The majority of us don't have friends with iPhone 4's yet but we do want to try out the features. Well if you call the number above on your iPhone 4, an Apple Representative will pick up and walk you through the features.

Please do not do "inappropriate" things while on the call...
by Maura at Jun 25, 2010
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ZD Net is reporting today that Apple is projected to have sold approximately 1.5 million iPhone 4s, according to Oppenheimer analyst Yair Reiner, who conducted a survey of 174 iPhone 4 buyers, and who also found that 76 percent already had an iPhone, only 26 percent actually needed a new one because their old one was failing, and Android was seen as the best iPhone alternative by respondents, replacing the BlackBerry.

ZD Net says that analysts have been falling over themselves to report their findings from their various launch-day surveys. Gene Munster from Piper Jaffray, for example, echoed Reiner’s findings, with his survey showing that 77 percent of 608 customers waiting in line were existing iPhone owners, a big leap from 56 percent in 2009 and 38 percent...
by JohnnyApple at Jun 25, 2010
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If you have the iPhone 4 and you are worried about holding the phone properly (something you shouldn't have to worry about, IMHO) and you don't want to spend the money on a case, what should you do? Well if you've been having reception issues due to grounding out the antenna, then we have a solution for you.

  1. Get about an inch of scotch tape off the reel (that's Sellotape if you're in the U.K.).
  2. Cut it carefully so that you make a rectangle something over a half-inch long and just tall enough to exceed the iPhone 4's height (about 0.4 inches should do it).
  3. Align the piece of tape so that it's covering a section of the lower left metal side of the iPhone 4, some below the thin black plastic line and some above.
  4. Stick it around the phone's...
by JohnnyApple at Jun 25, 2010
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If you've been on the internet and into gadgets for any amount of time you surely know what the phrase: Will it Blend? means.

If not, well your in for a treat. Blendtec, a company that manufacturers blenders seems to take every new and awesome gadget (and many other items) and slaps them into their industrial blenders to prove how good their blenders work.

This weeks episode brings you... you guessed it, the iPhone 4. I won't spoil the surprise for you, instead you'll have to watch the video to find out. They've gone all out on production value this time and brought in guest actors Steve Jobs among others.... well, ok an SJ look-alike :)

Anyway, onto the video!
by Maura at Jun 25, 2010
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EA Mobile has launched its first game specifically designed with the iPhone 4 in mind. NCAA Football takes advantage of the new Retina display, bringing the intensity of college football to the iPhone 4. Players can choose from over 55 of the most popular colleges to represent their school or create a new one and lead them to glory in the BCS National Championship. The game is also available for iOS 3.x.

At the same time as launching NCAA Football, EA also launched its “Faster. Better. Brighter” iPhone game sale, to celebrate the arrival of the iPhone 4. Unlike Gameloft’s “blink-and-you’ll-miss-it” sale which seemed to be over before it began, EA’s sale runs all the way through until...