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by JohnnyApple at Jun 17, 2010
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Well, we know that the iOS 4 upgrade is going to bring multitasking to the table. That's usually quite a memory hog since you need to keep multiple applications in memory now instead of just the OS and the single application running.

That increases your requirements exponentially based on the amount of multitasking you are going to be doing... so how much is really needed? How about double what the iPhone 3GS has. The iPhone 4 is rumored to have 512MB of RAM to keep things snappy.

MacRumors broke the news and you can read the full article here: iPhone 4 Confirmed to Have 512MB of RAM (Twice the iPad and 3GS) - Mac Rumors
by iDan at Jun 17, 2010
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02 has just announced how much it will be charging for an iPhone 4. If you’re a new or upgrading O2 customer, you can get an iPhone 4 on one of O2’s 18 or 24 month tariffs. For example, if you want to sign up for a £25-per-month, 24-month contract with 100 UK minutes, unlimited UK texts and 500MB of UK data, you’ll have to pay £279 for an iPhone 4 16GB and £323 for an iPhone 4 32GB.

At the top end of the scale, if you want to sign up for a £60-per-month, 24-month contract with unlimited UK minutes, unlimited UK texts, and 1GB of UK data, you’ll get the iPhone 4 16GB for free and the iPhone 4 32GB for £29. If you’re an existing O2 Business customer, you can get the iPhone 4 on any of O2’s 24-month tariffs.

Unfortunately, the iPhone 4 will not be available at launch on O2’s contract-free Pay & Go tariffs, with O2 saying that it will let customers know when they will be able to start using that particular service.

By Maura Sutton
Source: O2 Announces iPhone 4 Prices | Talk iPhone - iPhone News Blog and Forums
by iDan at Jun 17, 2010
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Apple iPhone 4 delays continues to extend well into next month and are now showing July 14th for the next available date. If your still on the fence about upgrading, now is the time. The iPhone 4 could be scarce well into late summer.
by iDan at Jun 17, 2010
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It's been a while since we've heard Verizon and iPhone 4 in the same sentence but today let's pile on the Verizon iPhone 4 rumors yet again. Digitimes has just reported:

Take this has rumor, and rumor only. Nothing has been announced by Verizon or Apple.

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by JohnnyApple at Jun 17, 2010
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Apple has changed the face of the tech world many times over. Their history is rich and full of 'game changers' that broke the mold that came before them. From the Apple Computer to the iPod, the iPhone and the iPad. Apple really does 'think different' and it has made their brand one of the most recognizable and coveted in the world.

When Apple was first creating the iPhone they knew it would be a game changer. They decided to go to many different carriers around the US and try to sign an exclusive deal. Most carriers passed (notably, Verizon) and Apple settled with AT&T. This certainly was not their first choice, AT&T after all was not the largest carrier. But the exclusive contract they signed with AT&T has given them a huge profit margin on the devices and it tied the carrier to them. Unfortunately it tied them to the carrier as well.

We know that AT&T and Apple signed a 5 year exclusive. This fact in itself was only known recently due to court filings Apple made in a case in California - until that time however, it was just speculation as to the length of the contract.

AT&T has generally taken the brunt of the complaints about the quality of service when using an iPhone. In reality, it's probably a combination of both the iPhone and inherent design flaws as well as AT&T's coverage and potential over-subscription of it's network. The ultimate question that both Apple and AT&T have to answer is: When will it end?

That it will end is not in question... Apple has to be frustrated with AT&T's consistent failure to supply the network and their sales centers/systems with the capacity to handle the appetite that Apple customers have tried to exercise. The most recent failure of the iPhone 4 pre-sale is testament to that fact. Since Apple is tied to AT&T so closely it is not possible for Apple or Steve Jobs to publicly say anything too negative or harsh about AT&T. Which points to another reason that Steve Jobs must be just itching to get his...
by JohnnyApple at Jun 16, 2010
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We've seen our fair share of iTunes updates throughout the years but none seemingly as exciting as this... the update that is really going to get your computer ready for that brand new iPhone 4 your going to be hooking up.

That's not all the update brings though, here's a brief list:

  • iBook 1.1 Support (Sync and Read Books with compatible devices)
  • PDF Book support
  • App Organization/Folder Support
  • Back-Up Speed Improvements
  • Other Speed Improvements

This update is available now, so update and get your computer ready for your new purchase in advance. If you are jailbroken, as usual, it is advised that you wait to make sure the new version can be broken.

Thanks to Brendan for the tip!
by JohnnyApple at Jun 16, 2010
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Apparently the number of iPhones that Apple and partners had allocated for the "pre-sale" was 600,000 -- and Apple reached that number easily on the first 24 hours of the iPhone 4 going on sale.

Numbers were thrown around of about 2 million and while demand for that number might have been there, the pre-order processes were shut down at 600,000 units.

Still, that exceeded Apple and AT&T's expectations and (as we all know) caused many of the pre-order systems to grind to a halt. The NY Times has a great article up about it here: Apple Gets More Than 600,000 Orders for iPhone 4 - Bits Blog -
by PhilSynowiec at Jun 16, 2010
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Wow, just in one day over 600,000 iPhone 4 units were pre-ordered. Most of us know first hand what it was like trying to click through the pre-order pages.

Well, in Apple's new press release, they apologized to all the people that attempted to pre-order yesterday:

Hopefully there won't be another system meltdown on launch day.

Source:Apple PR
by iDan at Jun 15, 2010
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BGR is reporting that AT&T has sold out the entire allocation of iPhone 4s that will be available on iPhone 4 Launch day. Check out the official statement from AT&T below:

There has been no word from Apple on the condition of their stock, but I have a feeling it might be getting low as well with all the problems the servers have had all day.

Source: BGR and Engadget
by iDan at Jun 15, 2010
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Today Apple has posted a new FAQ (frequently asked questions) explaining the new SIM-Free iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 polices for the International iPhone Launch. For the first time, International users will be able to purchase a completely unlocked iPhone that will work on the GSM carrier of choice.

Check out the entire faq here: