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by Maura at Aug 17, 2010
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Mobile Entertainment reports today on an new PSP TV ad from Sony that makes fun of the iPhone as, wait for it, and make sure you’re sitting down, A GAMING DEVICE! Hilarious, isn’t it?! The ad shows famous PSP fan Marcus Rivers taunting an iPhone owner and saying that the iPhone isn’t for “big boy games” it’s only for doing stuff like texting your grandma, unlike the PSP which is all about the “big boy” games, I presume. So I guess that means that John Carmack, the man responsible for some of the greatest hardcore shooters on this planet, such as Doom, Wolfenstein and Quake, doesn’t make “big boy” games then? Maybe we were all dreaming last week when we saw that awesome tech demo of Rage, one of the most anticipated console shooters of all time, appearing on the iPhone 4 before any other console?

Even Duke Nukem is on the iPhone, for goodness sakes! Try telling Duke Nukem he’s not a “big boy” and you’ll be wearing your face on the other end of your body as quick as you can say “come get some!” And yes I know Duke Nukem isn’t real!

Don’t get me wrong, I love Sony and I totally love my PSP, I still play it all the time, but this ad is laughable and not in a good way! And yes I know the ad is supposed to make iPhone gamers mad anyway, so I guess it’s doing its job just as intended!

Source: Mobile Entertainment
by PhilSynowiec at Aug 17, 2010
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A few people we're suggesting I should make a video on how to get that different AT&T carrier logo up at the top in my status bar. It's really simple to do really you just have to open up Cydia and download "AT&T Carrier Logo iPhone 4" from the BigBoss repo. The repo should already be installed on your device so you have nothing to worry about. After you've installed, the phone should respring/restart, and you carrier logo should be changed.
by PhilSynowiec at Aug 17, 2010
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Now this a cool theme that you can use with your Retina Display. The theme is called GreyHD and it is free in Cydia. There is also a non-HD version of this theme for all of you other users. This theme gives you the opportunity of choosing your own wallpaper as well, so you don't have to be chained to the provided wallpaper that comes with the theme. Grey HD covers a lot of the great parts of your iDevice while allowing you to customize.
by Maura at Aug 16, 2010
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Now this really does look like a cool app! A firm called Logic Consulting has come up with an Air Drum App, a virtual drum set simulator for the iPhone 4. Gyro Air Drums is the first app of its kind, taking advantage of the iPhone 4’s vibrational gyroscope sensor to put the player in the centre of a virtual drum set.

The iPhone 4’s vibrational gyroscope, in addition to the existing iPhone accelerometer, allows the Gyro Air Drums to detect three-dimensional rotation, as well as device tilt.

Using the app, a multitude of drums are arranged at two vertical levels in a 300-degree setup around the user. Tilting the iPhone 4 upward allows users to hit the upper level instruments, the hi-hat, crash, and cowbell. Holding the device level enables users to hit the snare and toms, and pointing the device in any horizontal direction around the player brings differing drums into view as if the drum kit was actually set up around them. The app is currently available worldwide at an introductory price of $2.99. Looks like a lot of fun even if you’re not a drummer!
by JohnnyApple at Aug 16, 2010
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Boy Genius Report has broken some very interesting news today. The Verizon iPhone / Verizon iPad rumor train has picked up alot of steam lately. The most recent development comes from a block of source code in iOS 4 which queries the device to see if it's a CDMA iPhone or iPad 2. If it is either, it will auto-activate which allows it to bypass the need for iTunes. Code very similar to this has appeared in the past just before a major iPhone / iDevice release and then is removed right before launch. It simplifies the field testing since you can use the device without activating it.

BGR also reported that the platform code for the CDMA iPhone is N92AP and the CDMA iPad is N81AP.

This is some pretty solid information that we will see a Verizon iPhone and Verizon iPad in the future.

Don't forget, we have a sister site dedicated to the iPad at the following URL: iPad Forum

More info can be found courtesy of BGR at the following link: Both Verizon Wireless iPhone and next generation iPad about to hit field testing?
by Maura at Aug 16, 2010
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A story on via Gizmodo today might sound like science-fiction, but it’s very much science fact! CBS reports on a wireless personal health monitor called the Raisin, which has just been cleared by the FDA, and which is designed to help heart patients take their medication as prescribed. The company behind the Raisin, Proteus Biomedical, has come up with a way of putting edible microchips inside pills. Once a patient has swallowed the edible microchip in this way, a computerized skin patch worn on the arm will be able to instantly detect if medication has been taken on time, and then send a report to the patient’s iPhone via Bluetooth.

According to Proteus, the Raisin can also monitor how many pills the patient takes, as well as checking their vital signs, such as pulse, heart rate and physical activity. The information collected by the iPhone app can then be used for many different purposes, including charting medication errors and details of the patient’s condition, in order to provide an overall picture for the patient’s doctor. Proteus says that the device is currently only at the clinical trial stage, so there’s no telling when it will actually be available to the general public.

Source: CBS News, Gizmodo
by PhilSynowiec at Aug 14, 2010
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Glasklart is a cool theme for your newly Jailbroken iPhone 4. Glasklart offers a navy blue theme with a ton of customization of what you want. Unlike most themes where they make you enable the whole theme. Glasklart comes in with a little bit of extra kick. For this theme you need to download Glasklart Classic 4.0, if you are an iPhone 4 user you want to get Glasklart HD as well. Well, the theme is free in Cydia so enjoy!
by Maura at Aug 13, 2010
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Now you really can have a party in your pocket - a karaoke party to be more specific, with Zentertainment’s Pocket Karaoke, which is available to download from the iTunes app store now for $0.99 for your iOS 4-enabled iPhone or iPod touch. The app lets you sing Karaoke and record your singing voice with your iPod songs. All you have to do is choose a song from your iPod library, and the app will do the rest for you, by removing the singer’s voice automatically, so that you can then sing along to your heart’s content with the instrumental music. Even better than just singing along, your voice will actually be recorded, so that you can play your performance back through the headphones or speakers and show off your abilities (or otherwise!), to your friends. Seems like a great idea and a lot of fun, provided you’re a decent singer of course!

Source: Zentertainment
by Maura at Aug 13, 2010
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Square Enix iPhone and iPod touch games are often quite expensive, so any time they feel like having a sale you know you’re going to get some gems. Well, all Square Enix and Final Fantasy fans should check out the App Store if they haven’t already done so, as Square Enix is having a sale to celebrate the release of Chaos Rings on iPad. The iPhone/iPod touch version of Chaos Rings is discounted for the first time ever, and Sliding Heroes is completely free! Here’s the full list:

  • CHAOS RINGS £7.49/$12.99/€10.49 - €7.99/£5.99/$9.99
  • CRYSTAL DEFENDERS €5.99/£4.99/$7.99 - €2.99/£2.39/$3.99
  • SONG SUMMONER: The Unsung Heroes – Encore €7.99/£5.99/$9.99 - €3.99/£3.49/$4.99
  • FINAL FANTASY €6.99/£5.49/$8.99 - €5.49/£3.99/$6.99
  • FINAL FANTASY II €6.99 £5.49/$8.99 - €5.49/£3.99/$6.99
  • VANGUARD STORM €2.99/£2.39/$3.99 - €2.39/£1.79/$2.99
  • HILLS AND RIVERS REMAIN €3.99 - €2.99/£2.39/$3.99
  • FINAL FANTASY XIII Larger-than-Life Gallery €4.99 - €2.99/£2.39/$3.99

  • CRYSTAL DEFENDERS for iPad €5.99 - €2.99/£2.39/$3.99
  • FINAL FANTASY XIII Larger-than-Life Gallery for iPad €4.99 - €2.99/£2.39/$3.99
  • Chocobo Panic €2.99 - €2.39/£1.79/$2.99

The sale ends on August 26th, so you’ve got a little time to make up your mind, or why not just go ahead and buy all of them?!

Source: Square Enix
by Maura at Aug 13, 2010
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We hoped yesterday that Apple fan John Carmack would have a little treat for iPhone and iPad gamers at his QuakeCon presentation on Thursday, but we didn’t dream it would be anything as good as what actually happened! According to Kotaku, not only did Carmack run an amazing tech demo of id’s forthcoming console game Rage on an iPhone 4, at 60fps no less, he also announced that the long, long, long awaited game will actually be hitting the iPhone and iPad BEFORE it hits the consoles, or at least a scaled down version of the larger console game will. Apparently the Rage app will be little taster and promo for the full console game. And yes, the released version will run at 60fps, it’s not something they hooked up just for the tech demo, although as running a game at 60fps eats up the battery like crazy, you’ll also be able to run it at 30fps. According to Kotaku, Carmack also said that the iPhone 4 Rage demo could "kill anything done on the Xbox or PlayStation 2."

No word as yet on a release date, but we’ll keep you posted.

Source: Kotaku