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by Maura at Feb 7, 2018
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NYPD officers get iPhone 7 to replace Windows phone.JPG

According to a report on AppleInsider today, the New York Police Department has begun replacing the standard issue Windows phone that it previously provided to its officers with a rollout of 36,000 iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus units.

In the original report in the New York Daily News, officers from Patrol Borough Manhattan South picked up their new handsets from an old police academy in Gramercy Park. The phones will cost nothing extra, as the NYPD’s contract with AT&T has them covered as upgrades. Apparently, the NYPD is handing out 600 new handsets per day to its officers all over New York.

Officers will be able to use their new iPhones to access 911 dispatches, make criminal background checks, locate criminal histories before they attend to incidents, view videos...
by Maura at Feb 7, 2018
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New study shows how Apple Watch can detect early diabetes.JPG

9to5 Mac reports today that according to a new study from UC San Francisco, in partnership with digital health startup Cardiogram, heart-rate data provided by wearables such as Apple Watch can detect diabetes at an early stage.

The study, which involved over 14,000 Apple Watch and Android users, used neural network DeepHeart to analyse the data from the Cardiogram app, which was then able to discover 463 study participants who had diabetes that was previously undiagnosed.

Cardiogram’s co-founder Johnson Hsieh outlined exactly how this is possible:

“Your heart is connected with your pancreas via the autonomic nervous system. As people develop the early stages of diabetes, their pattern of heart rate variability shifts. In 2015, the Framingham Heart Study showed...
by Maura at Feb 6, 2018
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Apple Watch is the biggest watch in the world.JPG

MacRumors reports today on new estimated figures from research firm Canalys that show that Apple Watch shipments exceeded a record-breaking figure of 18 million units shipped in 2017, which represents a rise of more than 50% from the 12 million units shipped in 2016.

According to Canalys, 48% of shipments were the Apple Watch Series 3, and 52% were older models. All the Apple Watch shipment figures have to be estimated, because Apple does not release an individual breakdown of Apple Watch figures, preferring instead to group those figures in the “Other Products” category, along with the likes of Apple TV, Apple Watch, AirPods, Beats, and HomePod. With such spectacular unofficial figures, though, maybe it should start publicising them!

These estimates are most...
by Maura at Feb 6, 2018
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HomePod first reviews in.JPG

AppleInsider reports today on the first in-depth HomePod reviews to appear prior to the smart speaker’s arrival in stores on Friday.

The New York Times’s Brian X. Cheng found HomePod lacking in terms of various task tests that he set for it in comparison with Google Home and Amazon Echo, and also found various problems with Siri learning his musical taste, as well as mispronouncing names of artists. However, Cheng said that HomePod did come out on top in terms of smart home functions, due to its integration with HomeKit. He also said that it’s audio quality was superior to Amazon Echo and Google Home.

Apple replied to Cheng’s criticisms by saying that Siri was only focusing on basic tasks for the launch, so hopefully all of this will improve.

The Verge’s Nilay...
by Maura at Feb 5, 2018
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Apple Music will soon overtake Spotify in US.JPG

According to The Wall Street Journal, via 9to5 Mac, “people in the record business” are saying that Apple Music is gaining subscribers faster than Spotify in the US, so much so, in fact, that by the summer, Apple Music should have overtaken Spotify in the US.

According to the WSJ, Apple Music is adding new subscribers at a rate of 5% per month, whereas Spotify is adding subscribers at 2% per month. Should this situation stay the same for the next few months, Apple Music’s subscribers will certainly outnumber those of Spotify by the summer.

The Wall Street Journal also noted that Apple has officially confirmed that Apple Music now has 36 million paid subscribers, up from the 30 million announced by Jimmy Iovine last September.

As far as the global streaming market...
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Apple investigating iPhone X call delay issues.JPG

MacRumors reports today that according to a report in The Financial Times, some iPhone X users have been complaining of delayed incoming calls to their phones. It appears that the issue is a genuine one, as Apple has responded to the complaints and said that it is “looking into these reports.”

Apparently, threads about the issue on Apple’s official Support Community have hundreds of complaints all around a similar theme, whereby they are experiencing delays of around 10 seconds in their iPhone X display turning on during an incoming call, preventing the user from tapping the Accept or Decline buttons.

And it seems that the issue is not even a new one, having first come to light just after the iPhone X launched in November 2017.

According to the complaints, all...
by Maura at Feb 2, 2018
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HomePod preorders starting to ship.JPG

MacRumors reports that one week prior to the launch of the HomePod smart speaker in the US, United Kingdom, and Australia on Friday, February 9, the first pre-order shipping notifications have begun, with customers in the UK seeing their cards charged for their HomePod purchases this morning. Other MacRumors forum members have noted that their orders are now at the stage of “preparing for dispatch.”

More hands-on reviews have also been pouring in from those lucky enough to get to experience HomePod prior to launch, with praise for the seamless way in which Siri is integrated with the speaker, and also many glowing reviews for HomePod’s audio quality, especially when compared with rivals such as Sonos One and Google Home Max.

In particular, a user on the audiophile...
by Maura at Feb 2, 2018
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Apple Watch Series 3 sales up 100 percent.JPG

According to Apple’s Q1 results, which were announced last night, the Apple Watch has just had its best ever quarter, with the Series 3 selling twice as many units as the previous year’s Series 2 models. This led to Apple Watch seeing a 50% growth in units and revenue for the fourth quarter in a row.

When this figure is combined with AirPods and Beats sales for the quarter, Apple’s total revenue from wearables rose by almost 70% from the year-ago quarter. Wearables such as Beats, Apple Watch, and AirPods combine with Apple TV, iPod and other accessories to form the “Other” category in Apple’s results, and this quarter that whole sector raked in $5.5 billion for Apple. This was up by $1.5 billion from the year-ago quarter, which saw $4 billion in revenue.

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Apple announces Q1 2018 results.JPG

Last night Apple announced its Q1 2018 results, posting revenue of $88.3 billion and profits of $20.1 billion, writes 9to5 Mac. This was even more than the record revenue of between $84 billion and $87 billion that Apple had forecast. The last quarter figures included iPhone 8 sales, whereas yesterday’s results are the first to include iPhone X sales.

As far as actual sales figures are concerned, Apple reported 77.3 million iPhones, 13.2 million iPads, and 5.1 million Macs sold. The figures in the year-ago quarter were $78.4 billion in revenue and $17.89 in profit, with 78.3 million iPhones, 13 million iPads, and 5.3 million Macs sold.

“We’re thrilled to report the biggest quarter in Apple’s history, with broad-based growth that included the highest revenue ever...
by Maura at Feb 1, 2018
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Refurbished iPhone 7 arrives in online refurb store.JPG

MacRumors reports that iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus models have arrived in Apple’s online refurbished store in the US for the first time, with prices starting at $499.

For the iPhone 7, all three storage options are available, starting at 32GB for $499, 128GB for $589, and 256GB for $679, which works out as a saving of 10% off the regular pricing. All colour options are also available: Black, Jet Black, Silver, Gold, and Rose Gold.

For the iPhone 7 Plus, while there are no 256GB models available at the moment, you can get both 32GB and 128GB models for $599 and $689 respectively, also a saving of 10%. Black, Gold, and Rose Gold are your colour options here.

As always, all refurbished Apple devices sold in the online store are inspected, tested, cleaned, and...