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by Maura at Mar 24, 2017
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Product RED iPhone available to pre order and pick up now instore.JPG

MacRumors reports that Apple has started accepting orders for the newly announced 9.7-inch iPad and the (PRODUCT)RED iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus on its US online store, as well as in many other countries and regions worldwide. (PRODUCT)RED iPhones can also be collected from a select number of Apple Stores from today.

It’s estimated that the first online orders of the 9.7-inch iPad will be delivered between March 31 and April 5 in the US. The new iPad will also be available to buy at select Apple Stores, authorized resellers, and carrier stores in more than 20 countries from next week.

The special edition (PRODUCT)RED iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus can also now be pre-ordered from Apple’s website from today, with first online orders expected to arrive on Tuesday, March 28 in the US. But before pre-ordering it might be a good idea to check with your local Apple Store first, as you just might just be able to walk away with one rather than having to wait for your pre-order to arrive.

Source: New 9.7-Inch iPad and Red iPhone 7 and 7 Plus Now Available to Order
by Maura at Mar 23, 2017
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iPhone 8 still on course for September launch but in small quantities.JPG

According to a new research note from Barclays analysts Blayne Curtis, Christopher Hemmelgarn, Thomas O’Malley, and Jerry Zhang via MacRumors, a September launch date for Apple’s flagship 5.8-inch OLED iPhone is still on the cards, but the twist is that there will only be limited quantities available at launch. The Barclays analysts say that the bulk of the stock for the flagship phone, which they refer to as the iPhone Pro, will only be available later in the fourth quarter.
iPhone X concept: Gabor Balogh

Source: 'iPhone 8' Still Expected to Launch in September in Limited Quantities
by Maura at Mar 23, 2017
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Niantic launches Pokemon Go Water festival.JPG

Niantic has announced a new special Pokémon Go event, the Water Festival. During the global festival, which started yesterday and runs until March 29, 2017, Trainers can expect to see more of Magikarp, Squirtle, Totodile, and other Water-type Pokémon and their evolutions.

Also, when you’re out hunting for Pokémon in the wild in areas where Water-type Pokémon are more prevalent, you’ll have a much greater chance of encountering some of the Water-type Pokémon originally found in the Johto region, including the elusive Lapras.

Also as part of the Water Festival you’ll be able to buy a new avatar wardrobe item, the Magikarp Hat.

The new festival follows on from the latest Pokémon Go update released on Tuesday whereby the 7-day “First PokéStop of the Day” streak will now award you with a random Evolution item. This is presumably because of the previously very scarce availability of the Evolution items, which are needed to evolve certain Pokémon such as Scyther.

Source: Niantic
by Maura at Mar 22, 2017
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Marriott testing both Siri and Alexa to use at its hotels.JPG

According to AppleInsider, Marriott is currently putting both Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa through their paces at an Aloft hotel in Boston in an effort to decide which one they will use to help guests control their rooms via voice commands.

The original report by Bloomberg says that Marriott could be making the final choice “as early as mid-year.” Once the approved assistant is picked by Marriott, the company will then decide which of the its chains will use the feature.

The Boston hotel is using Echo speakers for Alexa, and a combination of iPhones and iPads to test Siri.

Despite this, you would think that the decision has already been made in favour of Alexa, though, as AppleInsider notes that the JW Marriott in San Antonio Hill Country Resort & Spa has Alexa installed in 10 of its 1,002 rooms with 100 more to go online next month. Another chain, Wynn, intends to equip all of its 4,748 rooms in its Las Vegas resort with an Echo by the summer.

However, clearly, Marriott is not totally convinced by Alexa, hence the current round of tests of both systems. As AppleInsider notes, while Alexa has the benefit of affordability on its side, Siri has one very big advantage, especially as far as a hotel chain is concerned, in that it supports 21 languages, whereas Alexa only supports English and German.

In future, Marriott is planning to even use virtual assistants to set automatic wake-up temperatures or schedule when to open drapes.

Source: Marriott likely to decide on Apple Siri or Amazon Alexa for hotels later this year
by Maura at Mar 22, 2017
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First PRODUCT RED iPhone unboxing video posted.JPG

The new (PRODUCT)RED iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus might not be on sale yet, but MacRumors reports that the first unboxing video has already emerged online, with an exclusive via tech YouTuber Marques Brownlee.

The video shows that the phone comes in a box with red text, and comes complete with a (PRODUCT)RED insert as well as the usual Apple inserts.

As you can see in the video, and in the first pictures of the phone released by Apple yesterday, it’s a very smart looking device. “Wow, this thing is really red and really good looking, ” says Brownlee, and he's not wrong!

Brownlee adds that the phone is “ridiculously good as you think,” and that its finish is very satiny and saturated. He also finds that because the phone is not as dark as the Matte and Jet Black iPhones that fingerprints don’t show up on it as much. However, Brownlee is not such a fan of the phone’s white front, thinking it would have looked better if it was black (or possibly even totally red might have been a nice look).

Meanwhile, elsewhere on MacRumors it was reported that Apple CEO Tim Cook has confirmed that despite the fact that the PRODUCT(RED) branding for the red iPhones has been removed from adverts in China, the proceeds from sales of the red phones will still be donated to the Global Fund.

Sources: New (PRODUCT)RED iPhone 7 Plus Shown Off in Unboxing Video

Tim Cook Confirms Apple Will Make Global Fund Donations From Sales of Red iPhone 7 in China
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iPhone 6s most popular phone in the world last year.JPG

9to5 Mac reports today that according to figures released by IHS Markit today, Apple’s iPhone 6s came out on top as the most popular of 350 smartphones overall last year, beating the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus and all Android phones. However, the iPhone 7, which was not released until September last year, was still the top-selling device in the final quarter of 2016.

While it’s no surprise that the iPhone 6s sold more than the two newer iPhone models for the whole of last year, what might be a little more surprising is that the older iPhone 6s was more popular than any of Samsung’s new models last year.

However, Samsung’s phones still performed very well, taking up 5 of the top 10 positions, with the Galaxy S7 Edge in fifth place, just behind the iPhone 6s Plus.

Source: Apple’s previous-gen iPhone 6s outsold Samsung’s new flagship models last year
by Maura at Mar 21, 2017
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Apple launches new Apple Watch band spring range.JPG

AppleInsider reports that Apple has today announced a new range of seasonal bands for the Apple Watch in a variety of colours and designs, as well as making the Nike Sport Band available to buy separately without being bundled with the Nike edition Apple Watch.

Starting off with the new Apple Watch sport bands, all of which cost $49, the new colours are Camellia, Pebble, and Azure.

The special edition Nike sport perforated bands are also priced at $49, and are available in Black/Volt, Anthracite/Black, and Pure Platinum/White.

Apple is offering six new spring colours for the woven nylon band range, also all priced at $49.

These are: Orange, Berry, Red, Pollen, Tahoe Blue, and Midnight Blue.

As far as the higher-end bands are concerned, Apple is offering new $149 classic leather bands and $489 Hermès Leather collection bands.

First off with the classic leather bands, they are now available in seven new options: Saddle Brown, Berry, Taupe, Sapphire, Red, Midnight Blue, and Black. The new Hermès Leather bands are Fauve Barenia and Blue Zéphyr Epsom.

Meanwhile, in another report today, AppleInsider also noted that as well as introducing a whole new range of choices in Apple Watch bands, Apple has cut back on the choice of bands that are bundled with a new Apple Watch, with only a Milanese Loop or Sport Band available with a Series 2 watch. The previous options such as the Classic Buckle, Leather Loop, and Link Bracelet, are all still available to buy separately, you just won’t be able to choose them to go with your new watch right out of the box. However, if you’re quick, you might still be able to get some of the old bundles, as AppleInsider says that it has heard from an anonymous source that some Apple Stores still have old stock of the previous bundles that they have been allowed to sell.

Sources: Apple Watch...
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Apple introduces Clips on iOS.JPG

Apple has today announced a new app for iPhone and iPad for creating video clips to share through the Messages app, Instagram, Facebook, and other social networks such as YouTube, Vimeo. Clips also includes Live Titles, a new feature that lets you create animated captions and titles using nothing but your voice, with the available effects including comic book filters, speech bubbles, shapes, and full-screen animated posters.

You can use Clips to create multi-clip videos on iPhone or iPad without timelines, tracks, or having to use editing tools. Simply touch and hold a single button to record live video and photos or to add them from the Photo Library. You can then add artistic filters, speech bubbles, shapes or emoji, as well as full-screen posters with animated backgrounds and customizable text. You can choose from dozens of music soundtracks for your mini masterpiece, and they all automatically adjust to fit the exact length of your video.

To make a Live Title in Clips, with animated captions and titles, simply speak into the phone to automatically generate the captions, which will then appear on screen in perfect sync with your voice. You can mix and match different styles, and tap the title to adjust text and punctuation, or even add inline emoji. Thirty-Six different languages will be supported by Live Title at launch.

Clips will be available in April and will be free to download.

Source: Apple
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Apple launches PRODUCT RED iPhone 7 and iPhone 7s.JPG

As expected, Apple has today unveiled several new products via press release, including the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus (PRODUCT)RED Special Edition in a bright red aluminum finish, to recognize more than 10 years of partnership between Apple and (RED). Buying the phone means that aside from getting a really smart looking device, you also get to contribute to the Global Fund to help rid the world of AIDS.

Also somewhat hidden within the “Pricing & Availability” section of the press release for the (PRODUCT)RED iPhone 7 and iPhone 7s models, Apple revealed that it was launching 32GB and 128GB iPhone SE models that effectively double the current capacity, replacing the 16GB and 64GB versions. The starting price remains the same at $399.

The Special Edition (PRODUCT)RED iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus will be available to order online worldwide and in stores from Friday, March 24 in the US and...
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iPhone 8 curved concept.JPG

According to a new rumour from Korea’s ET News, via 9to5 Mac, the forthcoming OLED iPhone 8 will have a “water drop design” with curves that are a homage to the first iPhone 10 years on from its release. The translated text says that according to the industry source for the report, “Apple’s next iPhone will have a rear case made of glass,” adding that “This glass case is a curved wall surrounded by four sides.”

While the iPhone 4s was once rumoured to have a “tear drop design” prior to its launch, 9to5 Mac says that this does not sound similar.

As far as more specific details are concerned, the report also refers to the phone having 3D glass with soft curves and a metal frame around the border. The source says that the phone’s back glass will be much more curved than the front glass, and this ties in with a previous report from KGI Securities that said that the front of the phone would have 2.5D glass.

iPhone 8 concept render: iPhone 8 Amazing Concept & 3D Rendering with Curved Display, Quad Speaker Surround Tech & Lot more | TECHCONFIGURATIONS

Source: Report: iPhone 8 to feature ‘water drop design’, curves like original model