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by Maura at Nov 19, 2017
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Pokemon Go Travel and Global Catch challenge launched.JPG

Niantic has today announced two brand new promotions that have been influenced by the way in which Pokémon Go has encouraged its fans all over the world to travel to collect different Pokémon and meet new friends at the same time.

“Ever since Pokémon Go launched, we’ve loved hearing stories of Trainers venturing abroad and playing together with new friends from different countries,” said Niantic.

Consequently, Niantic is launching its new “Pokémon Go Travel” video series, the first episode of which will show a diverse group of Trainers from around the world travelling to Japan to host the first-ever Global Catch Challenge.

The challenge sees the worldwide community of Pokémon Go players attempting to catch 3 billion Pokémon in only 7 days, playing along with...
by Maura at Nov 19, 2017
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Apple Park Visitor Center opens to the public.JPG

MacRumors reports that as of Friday, Apple Park’s Visitor Center is now open for the public to visit.

The impressive building has a cantilevered carbon fiber roof that was designed to give the appearance of floating in air. Directly inside the entrance of the building is a 3D model of the entire Apple Park campus, as well as an augmented reality exhibition using iPads that gives lots of information that “showcases the innovative design principles of Apple Park,” according to Apple.

As you might expect, the Visitor Center also contains a massive Apple Store, with lots of the usual stuff that you’d expect to find there, but also some exclusive, Apple-Park-themed souvenirs such as T-shirts, hats, postcards, baby onesies, playing cards, and tote bags.

There’s also...
by Maura at Nov 18, 2017
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Rumour that LTE Apple Watch Series 3 can make emergency calls without iPhone.JPG

AppleInsider reports today that a redditor on the Apple Watch reddit has posted that they had been told by Apple engineers that despite the fact that LTE Apple Watch Series 3 units are supposed to be linked to an iPhone number in order to make calls on the watch, they should still be able to call the emergency services without having an activated phone or data service.

After being told this following unsuccessful attempts to test this out, the redditor installed watchOS 4.2 beta 3 and then tried again to call the emergency services on an unactivated Apple Watch. This time, after a 3-minute wait, the user was able to reach the emergency services. The Apple engineer had told him that it might even take up to 5 minutes. And while that might seem like a long wait,...
by Maura at Nov 17, 2017
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Apple and Intel working on 5G tech together.JPG

According to an exclusive report from Fast Company, Apple engineers are teaming up with Intel engineers to work on 5G technology for future iPhones to be released in 2019 or 2020. Fast Company’s source adds that in contrast, Apple has been having minimal contact with Intel's main rival, Qualcomm.

While Qualcomm’s 5G modem chip has more tailored carrier features, such as “Uplink Carrier Aggregation,” Fast Company’s source says that many of these features will not be of much use to the carriers. In contrast, the Apple engineers that are working with the Intel engineers think that Intel’s 5G modem will fit much more closely what Apple is looking for in a 5G modem for iPhone.

Until now, Qualcomm has been dominating Intel in the modem market, but the former is going...
by Maura at Nov 17, 2017
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2018 iPhones to have faster LTE speeds.JPG

According to a new note to investors from KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, via AppleInsider, Apple is planning to upgrade the baseband chips in the 2018 iPhone range to enable the phones to have “significantly” faster LTE transmission speeds.

Kuo says that the 2018 iPhone line-up will use Intel’s XMM 7560 chips and Qualcomm’s SDX20 chips. Apparently Intel is the company that will get the bulk of Apple’s orders, with Kuo saying that Intel will be responsible for between 70 to 80% of total baseband orders. Given Apple’s current litigation problems with Qualcomm, it’s no surprise that Apple wants to take the bulk of its custom elsewhere.

The current iPhone line-up supports LTE plus 3G connections, but according to Kuo, next year’s line-up will support LTE plus...
by Maura at Nov 17, 2017
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Apple delays HomePod launch until early 2018.JPG

If you’ve been planning to buy Apple’s Siri-driven HomePod smart speaker this holiday season, then unfortunately you’re going to be disappointed, as Apple has announced today in the following statement that it has pushed the HomePod release date back to the beginning of 2018.
When the HomePod was first unveiled by Apple back at its WWDC in June, it was expected to be released in December (and in fact the official Apple website still says “Available December,” but now it will be shipping in January at the earliest....
by Maura at Nov 16, 2017
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TIME voted iPhone X one of 25 best new inventions.JPG

TIME magazine has praised Apple’s iPhone X as being one of the 25 best inventions of 2017. The annual unranked list considers hundreds of inventions from all over the world in a bid to whittle it down to just 25.

Other inventions that made the list include eSight 3, which are glasses that help the blind to see; the Tesla Model 3 electric car; the Nest Secure home security system; NASA Mars Insight craft; and the Nintendo Switch gaming console.

In the section devoted to the iPhone X, entitled “A Smarter Smartphone,” Apple’s chief design officer, Jony Ive, said that deciding to remove the home button was based on “looking to the future. I actually think the path of holding onto features that have been effective, whatever the cost, is a path that leads to failure.”...
by Maura at Nov 15, 2017
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iKettle arrives in US.JPG

MacRumors writes that the iKettle, Smarter’s Bluetooth kettle, has now arrived in the US after being on sale for several years in the UK.

The iKettle is able to heat water up to a specified temperature ranging from 68F to 212F.

You can connect the iKettle to your iPhone via your Wi-Fi network in order to heat your water remotely. This means no more waiting around for your kettle to boil, simply switch it on from the other room and go and get your cup of tea when it’s ready. Not the most essential of devices, it has to be said, but something that iPhone owners who enjoy the connected-home elements of their device will doubtless get a kick out of using.

The kettle itself is actually very sleek looking, being button-free. The app lets you adjust the boiling...
by Maura at Nov 15, 2017
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Kitesurfer saved from shark infested waters by Apple Watch LTE.JPG

Cult of Mac reports on a great story that originally appeared in the Daily Mail about how a kitesurfer was rescued from shark-infested waters off the coast of California thanks to the cellular function of his new Apple Watch Series 3.

According to the report, 49-year-old John Zilles crashed his hydrofoil while surfing in shark-infested waters and could not re-launch his kite. He was able to alert the Coast Guard to his predicament via his Apple Watch Series 3.

“I was out learning to foil on a light wind, and was cruising along, proud of myself, and realized I was quite a way offshore,” Zilles told the Daily Mail. “I had a huge wipeout, and my hydrofoil skated away from me. As I was swimming away, my kite fell down, and because it was a calm day so I couldn’t get it...
by Maura at Nov 15, 2017
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Apple Watch tops worldwide wearables market.JPG

According to new figures from Canalys, via MacRumors, Apple has once again taken the lead in the global wearable brand market, largely as a result of the very strong Apple Watch shipments in this year’s third quarter. Canalys’ data shows that Apple shipped 3.9 million units in Q3 of this year, up on last year’s 2.8 million in the same quarter.

As a result, Apple now has 23% of the wearables market worldwide, just slightly ahead of Xiaomi on 21%, the previous occupant of the top spot. However, despite the popularity of the newly released Apple Watch Series 3 LTE, Canalys says that it was only responsible for 800,000 shipments due to supply constraints.

For this reason, Canalys analyst Jason Low said that “the Apple Watch Series 3 did not reach its full potential in...