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by Maura at Jun 3, 2017
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Foxconn insider talks iPhone 8, Siri Speaker, and Apple AR glasses.JPG

9to5 Mac reports today on a big leak of information about several different Apple products via a “Foxconn insider” posting on /r/apple. The “insider” has been verified by Reddit mods, and the same source has proved to be accurate in the past.

Regarding the iPhone 8, the insider says that they have seen the iPhone 8 at EVT stage (engineering validation test) back in January, and reassures that the Touch ID sensor will not be on the rear of the phone. The source adds that the iPhone 8 design is similar to that of the iPhone 7, but with thinner vertical bezels, and that it closely resembles a CNC dummy model (pictured) that was leaked by Benjamin Geskin on April 23, only with “more glass.” The source says that fingerprint scanners underneath the screen glass were originally tested but had poor yields.

As far as the Siri Speaker that is due to be launched at WWDC on Monday is concerned, the source says that it looks like a smaller MacPro, as has been widely rumoured. Various designs were tested by Apple, including one with a camera and display, but it is not thought that the finished version will have either of these.

The insider says that neither the 2017 iMac or MacBook line-ups will have any major design changes, but expect major updates for both in 2018.

And finally, the leaker says that Apple is currently testing its AR smart glasses ahead of launch in 2019. The source says that the glasses have a “cellulose acetate frame, bone conduction modules, multiple microphones, an internal battery and a prism to reflect information into the user’s vision.” They also include a microphone and accelerometer, and can detect head movements such as nodding or shaking. A capacitive strip on one side houses volume and other controls.

Source: Purported ‘Foxconn insider’ shares details on iPhone 8, Siri Speaker, Apple AR glasses, redesigned iMacs and more
by Maura at Jun 3, 2017
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iPhone 8 cases and dummies pictured at Computex 3.JPG
iPhone 8 dummies and cases pictured at Computex 1.JPG

Yet more images have appeared online of various cases and dummy models for the iPhone 8 that were on display at the Computex Trade Show in Taiwan that finishes today. The Google-translated report from Japanese Engadget, via Benjamin Geskin and Slashleaks, says that the cases and dummies pictured reveal many of the rumoured design points of the forthcoming iPhone 8, including the vertical dual cameras, and the elongated Sleep/Wake button. There is no rear Touch ID sensor. One picture also shows one of the dummies placed alongside the iPhone 7 for comparison purposes.

Engadget Japan’s Tsubasa Sasaki spoke to Taiwan-based case manufacturers, n.max.n, who told him that the iPhone 8 drawing that was the basis for the cases and dummies was not official, but was obtained by the manufacturer itself.

The images are given a 100% "Trust Score" by Slashleaks, and prolific leaker Benjamin Geskin appears to think that they are accurate and support some of his previous leaks, tweeting, “Some case manufacturers received the final information about the iPhone 8 and began mass production.” When asked by a sceptical Twitter user why Apple would provide case manufacturers with such details, Geskin said “Case manufacturers pay a lot of money to get size and other needed them info before release. It’s not from Apple. It’s from factories.”

Sources: iPhone 8( 仮) のケースを COMPUTEX 2017で発見。縦型デュアルカメラ、U字型ディスプレイを採用? - Engadget Japanese

Benjamin Geskin (@VenyaGeskin1) | Twitter

Yet another iPhone 8 dummy spotted at Computex « SLASHLEAKS

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Harvest Moon Lil Farmers Out Now on iOS iPhone.JPG

The first ever Harvest Moon game to appear on iOS has arrived today in the App Store. Published by Rising Star Games and Natsume, Harvest Moon Lil’ Farmers is a digital activity playset for young children and Harvest Moon fans of all ages.

The game is designed to be easy enough for pre-schoolers to play on their own or with help from a caregiver, as players get to grow crops, work on the Harvest Moon farm, look after the animals and serve customers using simple tap, swipe, drag, and press touchscreen controls.

The much-loved Harvest Moon farming game series is this year celebrating its 20th anniversary; the first Harvest Moon game was released in 1997 in North America, and the family-friendly, non-violent series remains as popular as ever 20 years later, with more than 30 games released to date.

Harvest Moon Lil’ Farmers was designed by the team at Daredevil Development, which has recently had some big hits with games based on classic children’s franchises such as Postman Pat, Bob the Builder, and Paddington Bear.

Here are some of the game’s key features:
Click here to download for $3.99/€3.99/£3.99: Harvest Moon: Lil' Farmers on the App Store

Source: Rising Star Games
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New dummy iPhone images show iPhone 8 without rear sensor.JPG
New leaked dummy iPhone pictures show Touch ID sensor on rear of phone.JPG

BGR writes today about two distinctly different sets of dummy iPhone 8 images that have emerged online. There’s no way of knowing which, if any, of the dummy phones pictured is based on accurate information, so we're simply presenting them both to you to make your own minds up.

The first set of images were posted on Slashleaks and show the Touch ID fingerprint sensor situated on the back of the phone, just underneath the Apple logo. The iPhone case pictured is aluminium, which tends to indicate that the images are fake, as all recent rumours have pointed to the iPhone 8 having a glass case in order to facilitate wireless charging.

Responding to the posting of the first set of photos, Benjamin Geskin tweeted “Clone is wrong! This is how its going to look like. #iPhone8,” along with a picture of a much more attractive looking iPhone 8 than in the Slashleaks pictures that does not have a rear Touch ID sensor, and which hopefully is the genuine article!

Source: There’s a battle raging over Apple’s iPhone 8 design
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Apple prepares McEnery center for WWDC kick off.JPG

Apple kicks off its Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) at the McEnery Convention Center in San Jose, California, on Monday, where it’s expected to launch several new products, with rumours that this will include a Siri smart speaker as well as a 10.5-inch iPad Pro, new MacBooks, and possibly some other surprises.

9to5 Mac writes that preparations are in full-swing at the convention center, the most visible of which are the big banners that are being hung around the building. The graphics on the banners are in the same vein as this year’s WWDC invites, featuring groups of brightly clad people. Smaller banners have also been hung on lampposts around the venue, ready to greet the 5, 000 developers who will be attending WWDC next week.

The keynote event kicks off at 10 a.m. PT on Monday, and we’ll be bringing you all the news about the big announcements here.

Picture credit: @TachibanaKaoru

Source: Apple begins decorating McEnery Convention Center in San Jose ahead of WWDC
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Skype for iOS gets massive overhaul.JPG

MacRumors reports that Microsoft has just launched a big redesign for Skype for iOS, with new chat, chatbots, and camera features. The app has also had a refresh of its overall look, and Microsoft says that it has given more choice to the user as to how the app will look when they use it.

The first change you’ll notice is that there’s now a Chat window as soon as you launch the app, from where you can then swipe to Camera and the new Highlights feature, which is Skype’s version of Snapchat’s Stories. In Highlights, you can take a picture or film a video, add emojis and/or text, and then post it as a Highlight. The advantage over Snapchat’s Stories is that Skype Highlights are available for a week, not just 24 hours. Only your followers can see your Highlights, but you can send individuals or groups Highlights before they are posted.

Skype has also added various interactions to chats and Highlights such as as being able to send emojis in reaction to messages, pictures, and videos instead of texting a response.

Microsoft’s Cortana has also been added to Skype via the new update, offering text shortcuts and suggesting quick answers.

Skype’s iOS update will be rolling out in approximately one month, with the Android update launching today.

Source: Skype Reveals Redesigned iOS App With Chat Bots and Snapchat-Like 'Highlights' Feature
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Apple turning more to Intel modems.JPG

According to a new report from DigiTimes, via AppleInsider, Apple’s current dispute with Qualcomm has led to the company to increase its use of Intel modems for the forthcoming iPhone 8.

Approximately 30% of iPhone 7 chips were provided by Intel in 2016, but that has increased to 50% for the iPhone 8 in 2017. Industry insiders have said that this could even go beyond 70% in 2018 if Apple and Qualcomm’s dispute continues.

Apple has only been using Intel chips in iPhones since last year, and then that was only in GSM iPhones for T-Mobile and AT&T as at that point Intel did not have access to the CDMA-compatible technology required by the likes of Sprint and Verizon. Last November AppleInsider reported that Apple was purposely limiting the Qualcomm chip performance to keep it on a par with the lower peak bandwidth of the Intel chips.

However, there should hopefully be no such problems with the 2017 iPhone, as Intel has since launched it XMM 7560 LTE modem, which supports CDMA and is said to be capable of gigabit speeds.

Source: Apple escalating use of Intel modems for 'iPhone 8' - report
by Maura at Jun 1, 2017
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Apple to launch new Siri Speaker at WWDC on Monday June 5.JPG

9to5 Mac reports that according to Bloomberg, Apple has already started manufacturing its Siri Speaker, ready for its launch at WWDC on Monday, June 5.

Bloomberg’s sources say that Apple’s smart speaker will introduce “virtual surround sound technology” and integration with Apple products to the smart speaker lineup.

Apple has been testing prototypes of its new speaker since last year, and Inventec,the same manufacturer who made Apple’s AirPods, will be manufacturing the Siri speaker.

Bloomberg’s sources say that Apple believes that the quality of the audio technology used in the speaker gives it the edge over rivals such as Amazon’s Echo and Google’s Home. The sources also say that the speakers are louder and “reproduce sound more crisply” than the likes of Amazon’s Echo and other smart speaker rivals. Apple has apparently also thought about measuring room acoustics to determine the correct sound levels for each room.

Apple intends the Siri smart speaker to integrate smoothly with other Apple services for the home such as HomeKit and Apple Music, also giving it the edge over its rivals.

Source: Apple begins manufacturing Siri Speaker, could see WWDC 2017 debut
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Pokemon Go to get Legendary Pokemon and Battles this summer.JPG

Touch Arcade reports that it is now looking more and more likely that some of the most popular fan-requested new features for Pokémon Go will be arriving this summer, including Legendary Pokémon and player vs. player battles.

The news comes via a translated interview with Mathieu de Fayet, vice president of Strategic Partnerships at Niantic. In the interview, De Fayet said that Niantic had learned from its experience with its previous game, Ingress, the game that Pokémon Go was based on, that it is important for a game to enable social interaction between players. With this in mind, De Fayet said that Niantic is looking to enhance team choice and introduce player vs. player battles. He also said that Legendary Pokémon will be coming to the game very soon. This was also previously hinted at by Niantic when it earlier refered to a “Legendary summer.” Will it be enough to create a second summer of Pokémon fever? Niantic is hoping so, and will surely do all it can to achieve that over the coming weeks.

Source: 'Pokemon GO' Legendary Pokemon and Player Battles Probably Coming this Summer
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PokeLand new Pokemon game coming to iOS.JPG

Business Insider reports that following the massive success of Pokémon Go, and the recent release of Magikarp Jump, yet another Pokémon game is on the way to iOS with the announcement of PokéLand by The Pokémon Company in Japan today. The new game sees players getting to collect toy Pokémon and then send them into battle on various islands, in a similar style to Pokémon Rumble on the Nintendo Wii.

According to the official Japanese press release, PokéLand has “simple and intuitive controls” where the player gets to “tap through thrilling Pokémon battles.”

PokéLand is currently in development for iOS and Android in Japan, where The Pokémon Company is putting the game through alpha testing on Android only. The alpha test features six different islands to battle on, along with 134 Pokémon to capture and battle with.

The Android alpha test ends on June 3, and hopefully the game will be released soon after on iOS and Android.

Source: There's a new Pokémon game coming to iPhone and Android — here's what we know