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by Maura at Jan 5, 2018
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Amazon to bid for UK Premier League soccer streaming rights.JPG

Bloomberg reports that it has learned from an anonymous source that Amazon is planning to bid for UK Premier League soccer streaming rights, which will be auctioned off this February. By investing in such a hugely popular league in the UK, and all around the world, and with a growing audience in the US, Amazon hopes to attract many more Prime membership subscribers, and this would certainly be a very smart way to do it.

According to media analyst Richard Broughton from Ampere Analysis, Amazon is “very likely” to bid for one of the smaller packages on offer.

The last Premier League live rights auction earned 5.1 billion pounds ($6.9 billion), and saw Sky and BT launch rival bids for three seasons’ worth of rights. The end result was that both companies won a...
by Maura at Jan 5, 2018
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Apple developing new Octavia Spencer drama Are You Sleeping.JPG

Variety reports that Apple has added another TV show to its portfolio of content, namely a new original drama series, “Are You Sleeping,” starring multi-award-winning Octavia Spencer.

The series was created and written by Nichelle Tramble Spellman, and will be produced by Reese Witherspoon’s Hello Sunshine and Chernin Ent/Endeavor Content.

Based on Kathleen Barber’s novel of the same name, it deals with the fascination with podcast true crime mysteries such as “Serial,” and “challenges its viewers to consider the consequences when the pursuit of justice is placed on a public stage.” The creator and producer of “Serial,” Sarah Koenig, will be a consultant on the show.

This is the second drama that Apple is working on in partnership with Witherspoon’s Hello...
by Maura at Jan 5, 2018
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Apple confirms all iOS and macOS devices affected by Meltdown and Spectre.JPG

After the announcement that Intel and ARM processors are vulnerable to the “Meltdown” and “Spectre” hacks, Apple has now confirmed that all iOS and Mac processors are susceptible to the flaws, but it has already issued some “mitigations” for the flaws in the most recent iOS and macOS releases. After assuring users that even more fixes are on the way to deal with any other possible exploits, Apple also says that it’s not aware of any current exploits “impacting customers at this time.” Apple then cautioned users that “since exploiting many of these issues requires a malicious app to be loaded on your Mac or iOS device, we recommend downloading software only from trusted sources such as the App Store.”

“Apple has already released mitigations in iOS 11.2, macOS...
by Maura at Jan 4, 2018
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All of this year's iPhone's will get TSMC's new 7nm chip.JPG

According to a new report from Digitimes, via BGR, TSMC has beaten Samsung in the race to obtain the contract to supply the chips for this year’s iPhone line-up, and it seems that TSMC’s new chip will blow away Samsung’s own bespoke chip for the Galaxy S9 and Note 9.

The new Samsung chips will be second-generation 10nm technology, whereas the TSMC chips destined for the 2018 iPhone line-up will be 7nm processors, expected to be even faster and more energy-efficient than Qualcomm’s and Samsung’s new chips.

TSMC will be well rewarded for successfully beating Samsung to 7nm process volume production, having already received orders from 40 companies for the new chips, including both Apple and Qualcomm. However, while Qualcomm is not expected to release a 7nm mobile...
by Maura at Jan 4, 2018
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Apple Watch Series 3 rebooting in ICUs.JPG

9to5 Mac writes that it has heard from several Apple Watch Series 3 users that their watches are randomly rebooting when visiting, or working in, the intensive care units (ICUs) of hospitals.

According to the 9to5 Mac reader who reported about the issue, his wife got an Apple Watch Series 3 for Christmas and started using it to check messages while working in the ICU. She found that the Apple Watch started rebooting approximately every 60-90 minutes when she was in the ICU. She got the Apple Watch replaced, but that did not solve the problem.

Over the past few days other reports of similar issues have surfaced, and there has been a thread on the matter at Apple Support since as far back as October.

As yet there has been no official response from Apple about this,...
by Maura at Jan 4, 2018
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Apple could lose 16 million iPhone sales due to battery replacement program.JPG

9to5 Mac reports that according to Barclays analyst Mark Moscowitz, Apple’s $29 battery replacement program could result in the company losing 16 million iPhone sales, with a 4% reduction in overall revenue.

Moscowitz says that even though Apple gained positive PR by apologising for slowing down older iPhones to cope with poor battery performance issues, and by then introducing the $29 battery replacement scheme, it will still have an effect on 2018 iPhone sales.

Barclays estimates that 519 million iPhones will be eligible for the discounted battery replacement, and that Apple will replace approximately 52 million, or 10%, of them. The $29 charge for replacing each battery will earn Apple around $1.56 billion in revenue, but Apple could then lose approximately $10...
by Maura at Jan 3, 2018
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iPhone X comes out on top in epic burn-in test.JPG

AppleInsider reports today on an 510-hour test recently conducted by South Korean website Cetizen in a bid to test the burn-in capabilities of various smartphone OLED displays. Image burn-in is something that OLED displays are susceptible to, and something that Apple tried very hard to avoid when designing the iPhone X, and judging by the results of this test, it looks like it succeeded.

Cetizen tested the iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy Note 8, and Samsung Galaxy 7 Edge in a bid to find out how long before each of the OLED displays was affected by image burn-in.

The iPhone X was actually the first of the handsets to show very slight signs of burn-in after 17 hours of testing, but surprised the tester by not deteriorating any further beyond that initial, very slight...
by Maura at Jan 3, 2018
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LG to supply OLED panels for 2018 iPhone X Plus.JPG

According to a new report from Electronic Times via MacRumors today, LG Display has won the contract that it has been lobbying for from Apple to supply OLED displays for forthcoming iPhones.

A source familiar with Apple’s plans told Electronic Times that LG had signed a deal with Apple to make more than 15 million OLED panels for the 2018 iPhone line-up, and, in particular, for the rumoured 6.5-inch iPhone X Plus. Apple’s current sole supplier of OLED panels for the iPhone X, Samsung, is said to be still supplying the OLED panels for the 5.8-inch or 6-inch 2018 iPhone X models.

LG Display already supplies LCD panels for the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, and reports have been circulating for several months that Apple intended to invest billions of dollars in LG...
by Maura at Jan 3, 2018
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Chicago Apple Store roof issue caused by software issue with rooftop warming system.JPG

Last week we reported on the troubles that Apple’s new Chicago store was having with snow collecting on its MacBook-Air-shaped roof and then falling down to the street below due to the sloping nature of the structure. Apple actually had to close the riverside entrance to the store in order to ensure the safety of those walking past.

According to a report in the Chicago Tribune today, via AppleInsider, Apple spokesman Nick Leahy told the newspaper that the problem was actually caused by a fault in the rooftop warming system and not due to faulty building design from architects Foster & Partners. Leahy said that the system “needed some fine-tuning,” and was reprogrammed last Friday. “It’s hopefully a temporary problem,” he added.

Explaining a little more about the...
by Maura at Jan 2, 2018
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TrendForce says Face ID will be improved this year.JPG

Tech analyst company TrendForce has made an early start on its predictions for 2018, writes 9to5 Mac, with some very encouraging news for Apple, in particular.

As far as general smartphone trends are concerned, TrendForce says that smartphone production growth will slow down slightly in 2018, due to rising component costs. However, TrendForce predicts that iPhone sales, specifically, will rise dramatically this year, just as Samsung’s smartphone sales will decrease.

According to the TrendForce report, iPhone production increased by 3% in 2017, and that figure would have been even higher if not for those well-documented early yield rate issues with the iPhone X. With that in mind, TrendForce thinks that iPhone production will increase by 7.5% in 2018, with iPhone X...