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by Maura at Feb 15, 2017
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Have fun with Siri on LEGO Batman.JPG

MacRumors reports that Apple’s Siri is featured in the LEGO Batman movie that was released last Friday, in the role of Batman’s personal assistant. Aside from seeing the movie, you can also actually have fun with Siri on your Apple device by simply saying “Hey ‘puter,” just like Batman does in the movie. She’ll then answer you in a number of humorous ways.

Just some of the many replies you can expect from Siri when you say “hey ‘puter” include “I am at your service, Lego Batman sir”; “Welcome home, sir. I have your rom coms queued up, sorted by decade”; “Welcome home, sir. FYI, Robin is trying on costumes in the Batcave again. He’s doing some pirouettes in Batryshnikov”; and “You have a message from the Condiment King. It says ‘Pbbbfffttt!’”

And if all that Siri sillyness has got you wanting even more LEGO Batman goodness, there’s also a free companion app to the game to download here: The LEGO® Batman Movie Game on the App Store

Source: Apple's Siri Promotes The LEGO Batman Movie When You Say 'Hey Computer'
by Maura at Feb 15, 2017
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More than 80 new Pokemon coming to Pokemon Go.JPG

Finally the big Pokémon Go news that everyone has been waiting for is here today, and fans are so excited about it that the game is trending worldwide on Twitter once again, just like those heady days last summer.

Pokémon Go developer Niantic has caused all the fuss today by announcing that more than 80 new Pokémon from the Pokémon Gold and Pokémon Silver games will be arriving in Pokémon Go later this week. This includes the likes of Chikorita, Cyndaquil, and Totodile, to name but a few, as well as Pokémon with gender-specific variations.

And that’s not all, as there are also some new evolution possibilities for some of the current Pokémon that are already found in the game, and you’ll be able to pick up new Evolution items at PokéStops that can be used for these new evolutions.

Other new items that you’ll be able to pick up by spinning the Photo Disc at PokéStops include two new Berry types, Nanab Berries and Pinap Berries. When trying to catch a Pokémon, give it a Nanab Berry to slow it down and make it easier to catch, and a Pinap Berry to double the amount of Candy earned from catching it, should you be successful.

As far as your Trainer avatar is concerned, you’ll be able to choose from many more wardrobe items, including new hats, shirts, pants, and other items.

And finally, Niantic has added some new encounter gameplay animations, so you can expect Pokémon to act in different ways when you’re trying to catch them. Item carousels have also been added so that you can select Berries and Poké Balls without having to leave the catch screen.

Source: Our World Is Expanding—Over 80 More Pokémon and New Features Are Coming! - Pokémon GO
by Maura at Feb 14, 2017
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Trading and PvP battles coming soon to Pokemon Go.JPG

In a new interview with Vice, via AppleInsider, Niantic CEO John Hanke has been talking about the game’s massive success and what players can expect from future Pokémon Go updates.

Referring to the eventual arrival to the game of Generation Two Pokémon, PvP battles, and an “abbreviated form” of trading, Hanke said “It’s going to be done soon. It is what it is. I’ll take the massive wave of hysteria we enjoyed, and just deal with the fact that it’s caused us to take a bit longer to get the rest of the features up. We’re really happy to make our users happy.”

Source: Future iPhone 'Pokemon Go' updates to include 'abbreviated' trading, PvP battling
by Maura at Feb 14, 2017
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Rumour Only iPhone 8 will be glass and steel.JPG

According to a new report from DigiTimes, via MacRumors, only one of Apple’s forthcoming three new iPhones will have a glass case, with the other two keeping the current aluminum form factor.

DigiTimes reports that sources from Apple’s upstream supply chain also say that only the 5.8-inch glass and aluminum model will have an OLED display. The others, called by some the iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus, at 4.7 and 5.5 inches respectively, will be very similar in design to the current iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, but will have some internal changes, including the addition of a faster A11 chip.

This latest news from DigiTimes actually contradicts some other recent rumours, including one that said that Apple would be releasing a 5-inch iPhone. It’s possible that the truth is somewhere between the two, maybe with all three of the phones having the glass and stainless steel case and wireless charging, and only the flagship iPhone 8 model having an OLED display and improved battery life.

iPhone 8 concept: Moe Slah

Source: iPhone 7s Said to Keep Aluminum Design as iPhone 8 Gets Glass With Stainless Steel Frame
by Maura at Feb 13, 2017
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Samsung to make 160 million OLED displays for iPhone 8.JPG

9to5 Mac reports today on news from the Korea Herald that says that Samsung has just signed a deal with Apple to supply 160 million OLED panels for the iPhone 8.

Apparently, Apple and Samsung had already signed a 100 million unit deal in 2016, but now Apple has extended that agreement and is asking Samsung to provide a further 60 million panels. It’s looking likely, therefore, that for this year’s iPhone at least, Samsung will be the sole provider of OLED panels for Apple. However, LG Display is expected to join the iPhone OLED panel supply chain next year.

Apple currently only uses OLED panels for the Apple Watch and the MacBook Pro Touch Bar.

The iPhone 8 is expected to have a bezel-less wraparound OLED display, with an integrated Touch ID home button and possibly even curved sides similar to those of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. Recent rumours have said that due to the technology involved, the phone could cost more than $1,000 to buy.

Source: Samsung reportedly signs deal with Apple to make 160 million OLED panels for iPhone 8
by Maura at Feb 13, 2017
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iPhone 8 to have improved battery capacity.JPG

AppleInsider reports that according to KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, it looks as though Apple has had some success with increasing iPhone battery performance, just in time for the arrival of the iPhone 8. Kuo says that Apple has managed to reduce the form factor of its 2,700 mAh battery, meaning that it can now fit inside a much smaller phone than the iPhone 7 Plus, despite having the same capacity.

Kuo expects the iPhone 8 or “iPhone X” to have a 5.1- to 5.23-inch edge-to-edge OLED display, making its dimensions almost identical to that of the current 4.7-inch iPhone 7, only with a battery as powerful as that of the current iPhone 7 Plus.

Kuo says that Apple has achieved this by using a stacked logic board known as a substrate-like PCB mainboard. Kuo adds that with battery technology not expected to develop any further over the next 3 to 5 years, it’s necessary to shrink components.

Also, by using a low-power OLED panel, Apple could have managed to extend the iPhone 8 battery life to make it even better than that of a 5.5-inch LCD iPhone, according to Kuo.

Source: Apple's 'iPhone 8' to boast larger Plus-sized battery in form factor similar to 4.7" iPhone 7

iPhone 8 Said to Pack Battery Capacity of Current 5.5-Inch Model Into 4.7-Inch Form Factor
by Maura at Feb 11, 2017
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Apple to launch 5-inch iPhone in 2017.JPG

9to5 Mac reports today on a new rumour from Japanese Apple website MacOtakara that claims that Apple is planning to launch a new 5-inch iPhone this year. This supports other recent similar rumours, including one in particular from sources in Taiwan at the end of December that said that the new 5-inch iPhone would have a vertical dual camera design, and be identical as far as specifications go to the iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus that Apple is also said to be releasing.

However, if true, this would mean that Apple could be planning to release four iPhone models this year, as it is already expected to be releasing a high-end OLED device as well as the aforementioned iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus refreshes. This contradicts many recent rumours that Apple would be releasing just three models this year.

MacOtakara’s information also bucks another recent trend in iPhone 8 rumours by saying that not all of the new line-up will have wireless charging capabilities, and that in fact, only the top-of-the-range OLED model will support that feature. The sources also say that even with the high-end model, the wireless charging will not be included as standard and will have to be purchased separately.

Source: Report again claims Apple will add 5-inch iPhone to lineup, sell wireless charging tech separately
by Maura at Feb 10, 2017
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Reports of iPhone 7 matte black chipping.JPG

9to5 Mac has a report today about a growing number of matte black iPhone 7 owners who are complaining that their phones are becoming chipped, particularly on the back and sides.

In the various posts about the issue on multiple pages on the Apple Support forums, people are saying that even when they use a case, the phones are still getting chipped on their edges and on their backs. And it seems that the iPhone 7 Plus is particularly affected, more so than the standard version. Something very similar happened to the black iPhone 5 when it first launched.

At the moment, it seems that not much is being done about the problem, with users complaining that Apple Support has not been very helpful and has not been willing to repair or replace any of the chipped phones, claiming that the damage is due to a cosmetic flaw.

“I have contacted Apple care and they asked to send a few images of the problem and after 12 days they told me it is not covered under warranty since it is under cosmetic damage,” said one disgruntled owner.

“The paint is starting to chip at the speaker grille and it is very disappointing from Apple,” said another. “I have never dropped or knocked the phone against anything.”

Some of the owners said that the problem began immediately after they purchased their new phones.

Source: Growing number of matte black iPhone 7 users report chipped paint on edges & back of device
by Maura at Feb 10, 2017
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iPhone 8 could have iris scanning tech.JPG

MacRumors reports today on a new rumour from DigiTimes in Taiwan that says that according to “industry sources,” the forthcoming high-end OLED iPhone 8 will have iris-scanning technology that would be used to authenticate transactions via Apple Pay, or to unlock your phone, in the same way in which Touch ID is used now.

It's hard to tell just how much credence to give this latest rumour, as DigiTimes is not always accurate when it comes to Apple reports, although it does also have some very accurate reporting as well. DigiTimes has previously stated iPhones would not feature iris scanning until 2018.

Elsewhere, well-sourced KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has previously said that he thinks Apple favours facial recognition technology rather than iris recognition, basing his opinion on the various bio-recognition patents that Apple has filed. However, back in March 2016 Kuo did say that the iPhone 8 would have either facial recognition or iris recognition.

In the same report, DigiTimes also said that the iPhone 8 will enter production earlier than other iPhones have in previous years, which supports a report earlier this week that said the same thing. DigiTimes sources said that the early start to production is to facilitate trials of the various new technologies used in the phone, with the new phones still on course for the usual September release date.

Source: iPhone 8 Said to Feature Iris Scanner to Authenticate With Your Eyes
by Maura at Feb 9, 2017
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Lords of the Fallen out now.JPG

Sniper Ghost Warrior developer CI Games’ iOS version of Lords of the Fallen has finally arrived in the App Store. The original console version was first launched in 2014 to great critical acclaim, as well as receiving several nominations for German Computer Game Awards in 2015. This new mobile version is set in the same universe and comes complete with epic battles, big monsters, and gameplay that has been tailored to suit touchscreen devices.

The 1-on-1 combat mechanics are swipe-based, with each character having their own combat style, all of which can be customized and trained to improve various skills. Players can use materials that they find in the game to craft weapons, armor, and amulets.

The action takes place across 12 locations, featuring 30 monster types and 12 bosses, with 60 weapons, 15 amulets, and 80 combat encounters.

The storyline sees three brave heroes—a warrior, a cleric, and a rogue—embarking on an epic quest into Keystone, the forsaken monastery of Demon Queen Akasha, in a bid to kill the queen and crush the curse that has brought nothing but chaos to the kingdom.

Click here to download for $9.99: Lords of the Fallen on the App Store

Source: CI Games