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by iDan at Jul 24, 2018
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Apple AAPL is making a lot of changes with its upcoming new iPhones. One of the most exciting is how the company will slash prices to give iPhone fans a budget model with iPhone X-styling (details). But it will come with one unfixable design problem… In a tweet, the prolific, mysterious, cat-loving and consistently reliable tipster Ice Universe has confirmed the so-called ‘budget iPhone X’ or ‘iPhone 9’ will not and cannot look like the more expensive second-generation iPhone X (details) and new iPhone X Plus (details) it will launch beside, due to budget constraints.

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by Maura at Jun 29, 2018
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Apple to completely revamp Apple Maps.jpeg

Apple has today announced that it is in the process of completely rebuilding Apple Maps, writes TechCrunch. The new version has been built using first-party data obtained from iPhones and also from Apple’s own special fleet of cars that have been kitted out with sensors and cameras.

The new maps are set to launch first in San Francisco, then in the Bay Area, via the next iOS 12 Beta, coming to the whole of Northern California by fall.

The updated maps, which will eventually roll out all over the world, will respond more quickly to changes in roads and construction, and will also be more visually detailed, depending on the location, with more detailed ground cover, foliage, pools, pedestrian walkways, and so on.

Four years of work have already gone into the new...
by Maura at Jun 29, 2018
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LG Display to become Apple's second OLED supplier for iPhone X.jpeg
Bloomberg reports that it looks as though LG Display has finally been successful in its bid to become Apple’s second supplier of OLED displays for the iPhone X, joining Samsung, which was, until this point, Apple’s sole supplier of OLED displays for iPhone X

Bloomberg says that there were two main reasons behind Apple wanting to add another OLED supplier to its roster. Firstly, it wants to lessen iPhone production costs, and secondly, it does not want to be solely dependent on Samsung for its supplies.

According to Bloomberg’s source, LG Display will initially supply Apple with between 2 million to 4 million units, as its ability to produce at high volume is still developing.

Although the initial OLED production run for LG is small in relation to iPhone X sales, it should be enough...
by Maura at Jun 25, 2018
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Apple launches MacBook keyboard replacement scheme.jpg

AppleInsider reports that on Friday Apple announced a special program for a “small percentage” of 2015, 2016, and 2017 MacBook and MacBook Pro models that have been widely reported as having keyboard problems. Basically, this is every MacBook and MacBook Pro with Apple’s own butterfly key mechanism.

In a support document posted on its official website, Apple said that several MacBook and MacBook Pro models have been found to have various keyboard function issues such as repeating letters or characters unexpectedly, letters or characters not appearing when the key is pressed, and keys that feel “sticky” or do not respond when pressed. You can find the full list of models affected in the link below to the Apple website.

Anyone with an affected MacBook or MacBook...
by Maura at Jun 25, 2018
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Apple to launch new AirPods and over ear headphones next year.jpeg
According to an exclusive new report from Bloomberg, Apple is set to launch several new audio products next year, including new high-end AirPods, a new HomePod, and studio-quality over-ear headphones.

Bloomberg’s sources say that Apple intends to update the AirPods range with noise-cancellation and water-resistance features, although the latter is said to be only enough to guard against perspiration or rain, so don’t expect to be able to swim in your AirPods just yet. The company is also planning to extend the range of AirPods so that they can be further away from an iOS device and still function.

It’s thought that the new-and-improved AirPods will cost more than the current versions, which are priced at $159 per pair. The source ventured that Apple might make the AirPods range...
by Maura at Jun 21, 2018
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Westworld out today on iOS.jpeg

Fans of the massively popular HBO TV series Westworld will be excited to hear today that the official game based on the show is now available to download from the App Store, thanks to Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment.

Produced by WB Games San Francisco in collaboration with Kilter Films, the creators and producers of the Westworld series, the iOS game was developed by Behaviour Interactive. The storyline sees the player getting the chance to take on the role of a newly hired Delos employee who gains access to the Delos Park Training Simulator (DPTS).

The story, which was written by Westworld series writers, includes such popular characters as Bernard, Delores, Maeve, and many others, and sees the player immersed in some of the key themes of the TV series. You...
by Maura at Jun 20, 2018
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Fortnite has made 100 million dollars in just 90 days.jpeg

MacRumors reports today that according to new data from app analytics firm Sensor Tower, the iOS version of Epic Games’ worldwide video game phenomenon, Fortnite, has already earned $100 million in just 90 days since it was released. This makes Fortnite the second-fastest app ever to reach the $100 million mark, with Clash Royale still holding the record for the fastest ever app to earn that amount, achieving it in just 51 days. Fortnite and Clash Royale were ahead of both Honor of Kings and Knives Out, the third- and fourth-fastest apps to reach $100 million, reaching that goal in 173 and 179 days respectively.

Fortnite made $1.5 million when still in beta, and in its first month it earned $25 million; 2 weeks after that it had already earned $50 million, and now...
by Maura at Jun 19, 2018
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iPhone X Plus predicted to be most popular of Apple's new iPhones.jpeg

9to5 Mac reports today that according to supply chain sources who have been speaking to The Bell in Korea, Apple’s forthcoming iPhone X Plus, the largest of the three new models that Apple is expected to launch later this year, is set to be the most popular of the three.

The larger version of the iPhone X is expected to have a 6.5-inch OLED display, and The Bell says that Apple has ordered more panels for the iPhone X Plus than for any of the other new models, predicting that 45 million 6.46-inch panels will be ordered by Apple for the iPhone X Plus, in comparison with 25 million panels for the 5.8-inch iPhone X Mark 2, and 30 million LCD displays for the cheaper model.

9to5 Mac also mentions various “rumblings” about a possible delay for the forthcoming LCD...
by Maura at Jun 18, 2018
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Friends, Trading and Gifting Coming to Pokemon Go.jpeg

Niantic has today announced some big new additions to Pokémon Go that are designed to help you to interact with your friends when playing the game.

First up, the new Friends feature, which will start rolling out later this week, will enable you to connect with your friends in the real world, as well as letting you send them items, trade Pokémon with them, and earn bonuses. In order to add a friend you’ll first have to get them to share their Trainer Code with you, then you must enter it, then send them a request. When they accept your request, they will then appear in your Friends List.

When you spin a Photo Disc at a PokéStop or Gym you might get a special Gift, which you won’t be able to open yourself, but which you can send to a friend on your Friends List....
by Maura at Jun 18, 2018
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iOS 12 will send your location data to 911 in an emergency.jpeg

Apple has today announced that iOS 12 will have a new feature designed to enable people in emergency situations to get help as quickly as possible, whereby the location data of anyone in the US who calls 911will, automatically and securely, be shared with first responders. This should reduce emergency response times by ensuring that the services get location information as quickly and as accurately as possible.

Figures show that approximately 80% of 911 calls are made using mobile devices, but due to old-fashioned landline-style infrastructure, 911 centers can often find it difficult to ascertain a mobile caller’s exact location.

Apple already launched HELO (Hybridized Emergency Location) in 2015, whereby cell towers and on-device data sources such as GPS and...